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Fiber network sales and marketing optimization

Maximize your fiber network sales revenue and market share. 

Maximize sales opportunities and increase revenue 

Once your network is ready to operate, Integrated Network helps you find the best sales opportunities and market your services to them. Your sales team can generate near-net quotes in seconds, instantly view cost and revenue estimates, and quickly respond to RFPs and RFQs – all without engineering assistance. 

Fiber network sales & marketing optimizatione


Sales and marketing capabilities

  • Generate and rank near-net quotes in seconds 
  • View capacity, costs and highest ROI for multiple route scenarios 
  • Provide multi-point quoting, daisy chains, tie points, attractors and obstacles 
  • Restrict street types for routing 
  • Integrate building, tenant and thematic data with wholesale opportunities 
  • Collaborate via team-based estimate workflows and digitized approval workflows 
  • Create high-level designs from any estimate 
  • Integrate network data into any CRM 

IQGeo Integrated Network

 The telecom industry’s only single solution that enables operators to deploy and operate their networks with speed, efficiency and precision across the entire lifecycle. 

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