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Electric Icon 2020Adaptive Grid, a network model management solution for electric utilities

IQGeo Adaptive Grid is a network model management and digital work execution solution for utilities that goes beyond GIS to transform comprehensive network data into efficient, productive workflows. 

Whether in the office or the field, our award-winning software provides a single system across your grid lifecycle, from initial network design to ongoing operations. 

Unique capabilities for electric utilities

Go beyond traditional systems. Adaptive Grid was architected around utility workflows, by utility experts, to streamline data and processes through a single enterprise platform. 

Flexibly model network assets. Visualize every network asset, easily understand asset relationships, and seamlessly model network changes, from the office or the field.

Digital work execution. From any mobile device, online of offline, every team has instant access to current network data to efficiently execute planned and unplanned work, helping avoid data inaccuracies and decrease operational costs.

Drive digital transformation. Give your utility the agility and usability required to transform each team’s productivity through a common user experience that eliminates manual and paper processes. 

Adapt to changing business needs. Adaptive Grid's open, scalable and flexible approach enables utilities to seamlessly integrate new data, build new workflows, and roll out new applications in a matter of days, regardless of future requirements. 

Adaptive Grid for every stage of the electric grid

IQGeo-network-lifecycle-set-planning-and-design-mainPlanning and design 
Automate and accelerate your design process to deliver new networks on time and under budget.

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Combine digital ticket automation with geospatial network intelligence so you can deliver faster, more accurate and more flexible projects.

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Network lifecycle set_Operations and maintenance_MainOperations and maintenance
Access a single digital work execution tool across the enterprise for all work types to continually view and improve data.

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Network lifecycle set_Outage response_MainOutage response
Seamlessly connect weather and outage data to service teams through a single view of your network.  


IQGeo EMEA Meetup

June 3-4, 2024 | Cambridge, UK

Returning for its third year, the Meetup offers a valuable platform for industry professionals to participate in discussions on current trends, challenges and share best practices. 


The two-day program is specifically designed to equip fiber, telecom, and utility network operators with the essential tools and strategies needed to plan, build and maintain the networks of tomorrow.

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