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The Expo at TechAdvantage 2024

This annual expo brings together leaders to share and show the technologies, solutions, and strategies that promise to shape the future of the electric cooperative industry.

IQGeo at TechAdvantage in San Antonio TX 2024


IQGeo is excited to be taking part in this year's TechAdvantage Expo!
TechAdvantage is the premier event for technology professionals to explore the solutions and strategies shaping and driving the future of the electric cooperative industry.

TechAdvantage speaks directly to electric co-op professionals and supplies focused solutions to meet any co-op's technology goals while mitigating risky, costly, or disruptive decisions. The expo is where technology solutions for the electric industry come to life, with industry-leading innovations featured.

Meet the IQGeo team at booth 802 March 4-6


At booth 802, the IQGeo team will showcase Adaptive Grid, a game-changing approach to managing the entire lifecycle of your electric utilities. Created for utilities of any size and scope, our solution allows co-op professionals to deliver new networks and additions on time and under budget.

Adaptive Grid will help you overcome business challenges by unlocking the power of innovation and collaboration and turning your co-op into a strategic powerhouse.

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See how Adaptive Grid can help accelerate digital transformation, supply a comprehensive view of your network, and improve data quality and productivity across enterprise planning, design, construction, and maintenance processes.


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We hope to see you in San Antonio!
To find out more and register, please visit the TechAdvantage website.



Delivering grid modernization for electric utility operators

IQGeo’s industry experts demonstrates our latest Network Manager Electric software, the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive geospatial solution to plan, design and respond to the rapidly changing grid from a single platform.

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