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Video: 1 minute

Network Manager Gas feature

The industry’s most flexible and comprehensive geospatial solution to plan, design and respond to evolving safety and regulatory requirements from a single platform. See it in action. 


IQGeo Network Manager Gas product introduction

Video: 2 minutes

Network Manager Gas - Product introduction

In this product introduction video, you will learn why IQGeo’s Network Manager Gas software is a game-changer. Easy to use and quickly adopted, it provides the industry’s most efficient planning, design and workflow solution that connects your entire network lifecycle.


IQGeo Network Manager Gas product overview

Video: 6 minutes

Network Manager Gas - Product overview

In this product overview video, we take a quick tour of the capabilities of IQGeo’s Network Manager Gas software. See how Network Manager’s agile digital twin accelerates operational processes while providing the powerful geospatial foundation needed to achieve ambitious network modernization objectives.



IQGeo EMEA Meetup

June 3-4, 2024 | Cambridge, UK

Returning for its third year, the Meetup offers a valuable platform for industry professionals to participate in discussions on current trends, challenges and share best practices. 


The two-day program is specifically designed to equip fiber, telecom, and utility network operators with the essential tools and strategies needed to plan, build and maintain the networks of tomorrow.

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