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IQGeo announces three global Meetup events for 2023

Cambridge, 16 February 2023 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks for telecom and utility operators, today announced three customer Meetups around the globe for 2023 to accommodate its growing international user base. These conference Meetups will enable customers to network with industry colleagues, and learn from IQGeo champions in Denver, Ghent, and Tokyo

The live Meetup events kickoff on May 17th in Tokyo, Japan. This is followed by the EMEA Meetup on June 29th in Ghent, Belgium, allowing customers to connect with our recently acquired Comsof team who are based in the city. IQGeo’s final, America’s Meetup, will be October 4th through 6th in Denver, USA. 

  • Japanese Meetup - May 17th , Tokyo, Japan
  • EMEA Meetup - June 29th, Ghent, Belgium 
  • Americas Meetup - October 4th - 6th, Denver, USA

“As we expand our customer community around the world, we are excited to share their successes with these three regional Meetup events.” says Steve Tongish, Chief Marketing Officer at IQGeo. 

With the overwhelming success of last year’s Meetups in Cambridge and Denver, IQGeo is excited to help customers make connections, participate in regional educational sessions, and learn more about IQGeo’s product development roadmap.  

“The IQGeo team is committed to the continued success of our customers,” said Richard Petti, CEO of IQGeo, “And we look forward to providing valuable networking opportunities to share how organizations are addressing their business challenges with IQGeo’s utility and telecom network lifecycle solutions.”   


“Everyone was so approachable and helpful at last year’s Meetup.” said one delegate attending the 2022 Meetup in Denver, “Connecting with other customers and IQGeo staff was a positive experience that helped us better understand how we could use the IQGeo solution in ways we may not have thought of before.” 

IQGeo Denver Meetup 2022


Heather Kimiecik, Event and Campaign Manager at IQGeo, stated, “The three regional Meetup events we are announcing today are a reflection of IQGeo’s growing global presence and the success of our customers. It’s an exciting challenge for us to organize these three growing events and we look forward to welcoming a record number of delegates to the Meetups in Tokyo, Ghent, and Denver.


Registration for each Meetup will open in the coming weeks and will be published on the IQGeo event page.  


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