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IQGeo named as one of the UK’s 100 fastest growing companies

Cambridge, 23 April 2024 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks” for telecom and utility operators, today announced that it was included on the ORESA Growth Index 2024 which features the UK’s 100 fastest growing companies. In its third year, the ORESA Top 100 list celebrates the power of great leadership to inspire and drive exceptional growth, and it’s the first time that IQGeo has been included in the impressive list of high performing companies. 

IQGeo-UKs-100-fastest-growing-company-list-Growth-Index-2024The ORESA Growth Index recognizes business excellence across a wide range of industry sectors including technology, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. The 2024 Growth Index Report highlights the “green revolution” as a key industry trend in which IQGeo is well positioned as a Certified Carbon Neutral Organization. The Growth Index has been developed through rigorous independent investigative analysis, where growth is determined by a 2-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the turnover of the business. This resulted in a list of 32,000 companies which were filtered by a unique set of criteria to identify the final Top 100 cohort. 

“We are very pleased to see IQGeo included on this prestigious list of the UK’s 100 fastest growing companies for 2024,” said Richard Petti, CEO at IQGeo. “In January we celebrated our fifth year anniversary as IQGeo and over these last five years we’ve made amazing strides. Our geospatial software is recognized as industry leading by telecom and utility network operators, we’ve integrated two successful acquisitions, and dramatically grown our customer base and partner network. It’s wonderful to be recognized for our achievements and I want to thank our fantastic team for making IQGeo such a successful high-growth company with a very bright future.”


IQGeo is proud to be honoured for our software technology innovation and our business operations. Visit IQGeo awards page for more certifications and nominations received from independent organizations as well as business and technology publications. Visit IQGeo awards >>>


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