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Tachus deploys first implementation of OSPInsight Mobile solution

Cambridge, 18 August 2021 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG) announced the first successful implementation of its new OSPInsight Mobile platform. The Woodlands, Texas-based fiber services provider Tachus began using OSPInsight Mobile in July after adopting OSPInsight Web in January. With OSPInsight Mobile, Tachus aims to improve recordkeeping and streamline communication between its office and field personnel.

“We are still testing the platform, but it’s already shown us how easily we can directly update fiber records on job sights as well as gain better visibility into our network,” says Jose Vivas, the Field Network Planning Manager for Tachus. “We really like what we’ve been seeing so far.”

Five Tachus field technicians currently use OSPInsight Mobile. The company hopes to get all its 30 technicians on the platform by the end of 2021.

OSPInsight Mobile is a cloud-based solution that capitalizes on a broader trend in the fiber network management sector. Fiber service providers all over the world are adopting cloud tools and technologies to improve decision-making, recordkeeping, fiber planning, and more.

OSPInsight Mobile is specifically designed to alleviate challenges that have plagued fiber network managers for decades. Field technicians historically kept fiber notes on paper or in spreadsheets stored on local computers. These manual procedures mean that much of this information never gets back to operators, leaving them in the dark about network updates.

OSPInsight Mobile addresses this by giving field technicians read and write access to cloud-hosted fiber databases. Technicians can input notes and update fiber records while out in the field, enabling them to offload tribal knowledge, fix errors, and empower operators with accurate information regarding network performance.

“In addition to the new OSPInsight Mobile software, our customers are benefiting from a number of recent product enhancements and Add-ons,” said Vice President at IQGeo, Wade Anderson. “Existing and future customers now have access to new mobile, visualization and bill of materials tools to optimize operational processes and improve network data quality and currency.”

About Tachus:
Headquartered in The Woodlands, TX and founded in late 2018, Tachus LLC is a private equity-backed fiber broadband ISP. Tachus believes customers deserve fast, reliable Internet that requires no explanation. In doing so, Tachus is revolutionizing the way residential customers receive their Internet, by offering unlimited, enterprise-grade data-only services at a lifetime fixed rate, all paired with local customer service. With a network that has passed over 30,000 homes and serves thousands of customers, Tachus continues to rapidly expand its residential fiber network to other parts of the Houston area.


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