Zayo provides Communications Infrastructure services, including fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud infrastructure to the world’s leading businesses. Zayo’s extensive fiber network stretches 122,000-miles across North America and Europe.

Zayo works with IQGeo


In order to maintain competitive market position and provide their customers with differentiated products and  services, Zayo teams are constantly coming up with new and innovative IT and business solutions to improve productivity, competitiveness and customer experience. The company saw an opportunity to provide more information about the network to people in operations, engineering, sales and support so the enterprise systems group decided to move forward with an initiative to provide a network Inventory Map for both internal and external consumption, giving users all the information they need, when and where they need it. 

Zayo established key baseline requirements for the new Inventory Map solution:

  •  Display detailed network asset data including configurations, customers, services and capacity within an interactive webmap application.
  •  Ensure the application is intuitive and is easy-to-use with fast rendering and response time.
  •  Incorporate Zayo’s network and service nomenclature for predictive searches and queries.
  •  Operate on any device, for example laptops, tablets and smart phones running iOS, Android or Windows.
  •  Integrate with GIS,, Google Maps, and other Zayo business systems.

Kris Boccio, VP Systems Development & GIS at Zayo, said “The advantages of putting powerful but easy to use Inventory Maps into the hands of the right staff are tremendous. But this means that we have to simplify the app and user experience in order to avoid the complexities associated with traditional GIS solutions that have  prevented progress in this area.”

"The key consumers of the new Inventory Map would be network and field operations teams who require instant access to critical network and customer information, 24x7, enabling them to respond to issues quickly and effectively. A future phase will be to make the inventory map available to Zayo’s customers as an embedded part of the company’s Tranzact platform.” 


The Zayo solution stakeholders were introduced to IQGeo’s myWorld enterprise geomobility platform and were very impressed so they began building the internal multi-department business case for the myWorld solution. A Proof of Concept (PoC) was agreed in order to fully evaluate myWorld in a hands-on setting using Zayo data and use cases with the goal to gather objective feedback and business process improvement metrics. The PoC was completed in under two months and was a complete success with positive user feedback and measureable improvements in response times. The PoC results and broader plan for myWorld were presented to senior management. The project was quickly approved and an agile production deployment plan was put in place   immediately. Zayo IT and business system stakeholders took on a big role in the myWorld integration, configuration and rollout due to the open architecture, built-in admin tools, and modern software standards.

The myWorld system was put into production in around five weeks and users began using it immediately. myWorld’s smart and intuitive Google-like user interface meant that Zayo employees needed minimal training to understand how to use the application. Users new to the Inventory Map data were given briefings and tutorials on the naming standards and mapping styles so they understood how to maximize the wealth of information that was now at their fingertips.


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