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ADE Heat and Decentralised Energy Conference

Our Comsof experts are delighted to participate in the Association for Decentralised Energy’s annual conference.


The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) continues to drive towards combined heat and power, district heating and cooling, demand side services, and energy efficiency at their yearly flagship conference. The Heat and Decentralised Energy Conference aims to bring together the decentralized energy industry to discuss the most pressing topics of the day. 

This year’s conference will be at London’s beautiful indoor rainforest, the Barbican Conservatory. Once designed to hide a massive fly tower, the glass enclosure now contains over two thousand species of plants.

Stop by and see Comsof at work.

Meet IQGeo’s Kurt Marlein, Head of Innovation at Comsof, to see how our automated district heating and cooling network planning software empowers operators to create networks of the future. Our district energy network planning and design software can quickly design feasibility studies, discover neighborhoods and buildings ripe for decarbonization, and make accurate budget forecasts for your team to reach Net Zero faster.

Request a demo before, during, or after the event! Our expert team will work with you to optimize your design and business needs with Comsof Heat.

Follow the ADE event page for more information as we near 21 September!

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