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Nationaal Heat Congres 2023

Nationaal Warmte Congres 2023 IQGeo looks forward to connecting and collaborating with crucial colleagues in the Heat Industry.



The 16th edition of the Nationaal Warmte Congres is on Thursday, October 12, at the Orpheus Theater in Apeldoorn.

This year's conference aims to tackle the challenging task of transitioning to sustainable heat with an agenda that meets public and private organizational needs and discusses all solutions to make our heat supply CO2-neutral. 

The transition to sustainable heat has been a proven challenge. How the globe intends to make heat supply CO2 neutral is unclear. What does the acceleration towards sustainability look like? Or how much force does it take to slow down the gas emission? In this year's program, the Nationaal Warmte Congres organizers pay even more attention to the details of this heat transition with a robust agenda of conference sessions. Because 2030 is just around the corner, and the urgency is now.

Connect with industry leaders

Join us and gain insights into the latest developments in sustainable heat and connect with industry leaders! As part of this heat transition, IQGeo will be in this year's exhibition to show how our district energy network planning and design software can help the industry quickly set up feasibility studies, discover simple decarbonization targets, and create exact budget forecasts. IQGeo's head of Innovation, Kurt Marlein, will be on hand to collaborate with you and supply practical advice while providing interactive demos of our Comsof Heat software

Do not miss this crucial step toward heat transition in the coming year and meet colleagues committed to realizing the heat transition!

More information about the program can be found on the Nationaal Heat Congres website. 

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