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IQGeo is excited to be supporting WISPAPALOOZA broadband conference this October. 




WISPAPALOOZA is one of the most important conferences within the industry. The 4 day event will be focused on all aspects relating to hosting an ISP, a great opportunity to network with other professionals and learn about new technology that is shaping today's internet service providers!


Meet the IQGeo team - Booth 812


Stop by booth 812 to meet the team and see how IQGeo empowers companies to reimagine the role geospatial technology plays in their business. Our mobile-first, cloud-native software creates and maintains an accurate view of increasingly complex network assets that is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. We enable a “System of Action” that breaks down information silos, improves data quality and accelerates decision making.


We hope to see you in Las Vegas! 

To find out more and register, please visit: WISPAPALOOZA 2022




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