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Network Manager Electric feature

The foundation for IQGeo's Adaptive Grid, Network Manager Electric enables utilities to easily realize value from network data and flexibly model any grid scenario. See it in action. See it in action. 

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IQGeo Network Manager Electric product introduction

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Network Manager Electric - Product introduction

In this product introduction video, you will learn why IQGeo’s Network Manager Electric software is a game-changer. Easy to use and quickly adopted, it provides the industry’s most efficient planning, design and workflow solution that connects your entire network lifecycle.

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IQGeo Network Manager Electric - Product overview

Video: 8 minutes

Network Manager Electric - Product overview

In this product overview video, we take a quick tour of the capabilities of IQGeo’s Network Manager Electric software. See how Network Manager’s agile digital twin accelerates operational processes while providing the powerful geospatial foundation needed to achieve ambitious grid modernization and net-zero objectives.

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Spotlight - A hierarchical approach

In this demo video, we show how Adaptive Grid's hierarchical approach can transform your network management by sharing connectivity data across the organization. 




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Spotlight - Adding new feature types

In this demo video, we show you how Adaptive Grid enables seamless changes to your network model in just minutes, not months. 



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Spotlight - Points & Span wizard

In this demo video, we show you how Adaptive Grid’s Point & Span wizard accelerates the design, from the field, of an underground residential distribution loop. 




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Spotlight - From the office to the field

In this demo video, we show you how a designer can pick up a new service design in the field after as-building an underground residential distribution loop back at the office.



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Spotlight - Create a new digital workflow

In this demo video, we show you some of the basic workflows you can model with the help of our configurable smart forms using an example pole inspection.



A utility network model management alternative that pairs with your traditional GIS


Are you familiar with the groundbreaking alternative to the Esri Utility Network migration?


Discover an innovative and dynamic network model management solution that perfectly complements your current GIS infrastructure. 

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