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Centillion Solutions joins IQGeo partner ecosystem

Cambridge, 12 April 2022 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks” for telecom and utility operators, today announced Centillion Solutions has become the latest member of IQGeo’s certified partner ecosystem. Providing end-to-end engineering, planning, and design services for the telecommunications and utility industry, Centillion Solutions can support IQGeo’s Network Manager customers with a portfolio of professional services that includes network engineering and planning, as well as data migration and cleansing services.


The partnership with Centillion Solutions is the latest in a series of new alliances that sees the expansion of the partner ecosystem that provides IQGeo customers with access to an increasingly diverse range of certified technology and services.


As telecom and utility networks grow in coverage and complexity, deploying IQGeo’s next-generation Network Manager software with high quality and flexible network planning and engineering capabilities is key to business success. Founded by telecom industry veterans, the Centillion team has decades of hands-on industry experience with network best practices and legacy GIS technology. Their industry expertise and knowledge of IQGeo’s Network Manager software makes Centillion Solutions and valuable service partner to support IQGeo’s growing list of global customers.


We are very pleased to be partnering with IQGeo to support their customers with the services provided by Centillion Solutions,” explained Sarma Vellanki, Vice president of Business Development and Operations at Centillion Solutions. “Broadband operators have a big challenge on their hands as they roll out new fiber and 5G networks to replace ageing cable and copper. Many have recognized that a network management approach based on resource intensive legacy GIS simply won’t keep up with their changing demands and are replacing them with a flexible and mobile IQGeo Network Manager solution. This is where Centillion Solutions can help. Our comprehensive planning, engineering and data services will enable our new joint customers to develop sustainable network growth and maintenance strategies for their long-term success.”


At IQGeo we have always focused on the needs of the designers, engineers, and field crews that are building and operating telecom and utility networks and Centillion Solutions shares this same vision,” says Jay Cadman, Senior Vice President at IQGeo. “With a team of over 600 engineers around the world, Centillion Solutions will support IQGeo’s customers with proven planning, design, and data services. Our Network Manager software in combination with partner services provides our customers with an end-to-end solution across planning and design without any data translation and transfer overheads. We have long-standing relationships with the Centillion management team, and we look forward to working with them and their talented colleagues to accelerate migrations away from legacy GIS to improve operational efficiencies for our Network Manager customers.”


About Centillion Solutions

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with operations in North America, Europe, Australia, and India, Centillion Solutions serves as a reliable partner for major Telecom, Utility, and Government entities. Centillion Solutions was created in 2007 by seasoned professionals in the Telecom & Utility industries to provide exceptional engineering, design, and geospatial solutions. Our end-to-end solutions include not only engineering design but a deep understanding of all things around engineering data; from migration/conversion, data correction and standardization across platforms, to working with virtually all contemporary engineering platforms. All of this work is driven by the latest technologies in LiDAR, precision photographic imagery, drones, robotics and AI in order to maximize efficiency and reduce time to market.

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