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Global top 5 telecom operator selects IQGeo for fiber network planning and design

Cambridge, 07 July 2022 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks” for telecom and utility operators, today announced that its fiber planning, design and field survey software was selected by one of the largest US telecom network operators to accelerate their fiber construction process. The 3-year contract has a software subscription value of approximately US$ 3.6 million (US$ 1.2 million ACV) for an initial cohort of users and service value of approximately US$ 2.1 million.


The automated planning, design, and field survey solution from IQGeo will optimize, standardize, and digitally transform the planning and design workflow of this new customers’ ambitious nation-wide fiber rollout. IQGeo was selected after an exhaustive evaluation that demonstrated significant time, cost and resource savings in the fiber network planning and design process. The IQGeo software will play a key role in one of the largest FTTx and 5G build outs in the US, supporting millions of new customers in communities across the country.

The IQGeo solution will be used by this customer to rapidly generate automated plans for new fiber deployments, which are verified on the ground with field walkouts using the mobile capabilities of the IQGeo software. The process creates initial designs with field input which are used to generate final designs that are then passed to the engineering team to plan construction activities. This fully integrated digital solution will streamline processes to alleviate inefficient resource bottlenecks and data silos by providing a common planning, design, and field walkout platform for internal staff and external contractors.


Richard Petti, CEO, commented that “We are pleased to have been selected by one of the world’s largest telecom operators to partner on such an important project. This initial production deployment provides significant room for growth in the future and is an excellent example of how our strong technology and talented team are securing long-term contracts with Tier 1 operators around the world.


About IQGeo
Telecommunications and utility operators are “Building better networks” with IQGeo’s award-winning software solutions. The ability to powerfully model any network requirement, integrate every system and data source, and support field and office teams with continual innovation is helping operators create the networks of the future. Our solutions ensure greater cross-team collaboration and process efficiency throughout the network lifecycle, from planning and design to construction, operations, and sales.

Whether it’s highly competitive fiber and 5G broadband rollouts or complex utility grid modernization projects, IQGeo’s enterprise solutions and our OSPInsight fiber planning and design software are proven industry leaders. We partner with large multinationals and smaller regional operators to deliver the digital innovation they need to increase network resilience, operational safety, and business ROI.

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