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IQGeo accelerates fiber deployment with latest release of Network Manager Telecom

Cambridge, 1 June 2023 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks” for telecom and utility operators, today announced the summer release of its Network Manager Telecom software. The two headline features for fiber network operators are the integration of Comsof Fiber’s industry-leading automated planning and design software and the release of a new fiber Path Finder solution for automated circuit routing. These capabilities streamline the fiber network planning, design and sales process, helping broadband operators rapidly deploy and monetize their fiber networks. 

The broadband industry is highly competitive and constantly changing, with new players emerging in parallel to market consolidation. In this dynamic market landscape, moving quickly and maximizing fiber resources is critical to success, and the new additions to Network Manager Telecom are helping broadband operators rapidly establish a clear competitive advantage and hit revenue targets. 

Comsof Fiber integration 
Following IQGeo’s acquisition of Comsof in August 2022, the flagship Comsof Fiber automated fiber planning and design software has now been fully integrated into Network Manager Telecom. This release provides a single integrated software environment, eliminating paper and file transfer between internal and contractor systems. Fiber planning and design is seamlessly connected with field survey and construction processes, reducing errors, avoiding unnecessary rework, and ensuring greater design collaboration. Advanced features such as shared project areas, design version control, and collaboration tools further improve design efficiency and quality by eliminating the multiple points of failure that are caused by traditional multi-system environments. 

Path Finder 
The new Path Finder capability enables design and sales engineers to quickly identify the optimal possible fiber paths in your existing network when connecting new homes and businesses. Normally a very manual and time-consuming process, Path Finder allows engineers to easily define a set of connectivity rules based on available fiber ports, distance to cover, and routes to avoid. Within seconds, engineers can identify the best possible fiber path options and provide documentation to field crews to expedite the connection of broadband services. The new Path Finder capability reduces the time required to plan a connection from days to minutes, improving the efficiency of the entire workflow, generating revenue sooner, and improving sales team effectiveness.  

 “This release of Network Manager Telecom has a significant impact for fiber organizations, as it expands both the breadth and depth of our Integrated Lifecycle offering,” says Jay Cadman, Senior Vice President at IQGeo. “The Comsof Fiber integration provides the industry’s most comprehensive and tightly integrated fiber planning, design, and construction process, while Path Finder delivers immediate benefits for design and sales engineers. Broadband operators are focused on getting fiber in the ground faster to connect customers and maximize revenue in a highly competitive market. This release illustrates how we are collaborating with customers to meet their business goals with our IQGeo Integrated Lifecycle solution.” 


To find out more about the benefits of these new capabilities, check out our blog and videos on how to maximize fiber network revenue and capacity allocation. 


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