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IQGeo selected by a global top 10 electrical power utility in Japan

IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial productivity and collaboration software for the telecoms and utility industries, is pleased to announce that its software has been selected by a global top 10 electrical utility provider in Japan. The new contract is for more than 4,000 licences and this customer will be deploying IQGeo's geospatial software as part of a strategic project to monitor and respond to severe weather events that can have a major impact on electrical service for its commercial and residential customers.


IQGeo's network asset management software will be used in both their storm operations centre and by field crews that assess extreme conditions, capture real-time network status, and restore service. The IQGeo software will provide all operational teams with an accurate and timely view of network realities so they can efficiently anticipate and manage disaster response activities.

The annual Japanese typhoon season is witness to some of the world's most severe storms, causing hundreds of millions of Pounds in damage and endangering the lives of its citizens. When these storms hit, it is critically important to IQGeo's new customer that they be able to monitor the impact on their network and rapidly resume electrical service as safely as possible. The IQGeo software will provide employees across the organisation much greater operational transparency through a geospatial network view that integrates a range of important data feeds from live weather conditions to electrical service status.

Richard Petti, CEO, commented that "IQGeo is very pleased to be working with our new customer to help it maintain critical national electric infrastructure during Japan's notorious typhoon season. The IQGeo team, together with our local integration partner NESIC, has extensive experience with disaster assessment and response activities as we are already working with other major Japanese electrical utility operators to support their severe incident response strategy. Over the last year our Japanese customer base in the telecommunication and utility markets has achieve strong growth with new organisations and has also expanded within existing accounts. This growth is a direct reflection of the strategic value our software provides to our customers."



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