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IQGeo’s latest software transforms electric grid operations with powerful network model management

Cambridge, 13 Sept 2023 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks” for telecom and utility operators, today announced three new editions of its Network Manager Electric product to provide electric utilities of any size with a true network model management solution. Originally conceived as enterprise-level software, Network Manager Electric is now available in Insight, Professional, and Enterprise editions to provide packaged, scalable lifecycle grid management for large and small utilities.

All of the Network Manager Electric editions are based on a unique network model management capability that was created specifically for the utility industry. The powerful model includes automated associations between physical grid assets so that every team can quickly access a single, fully functional digital view of equipment relationships and network connections. Users across the organization can also digitize and streamline existing workflows and quickly build new ones as needed. Rather than limit themselves to map-based solutions and disparate applications, every utility can now access a single solution built by utility experts.

“At the heart of these three new editions is our flexible network model management capabilities, with utility-specific workflows that were designed to automate and streamline grid operations,” says Richard Petti, CEO of IQGeo. “And while this gives utilities a great foundation for the long-term management of their grid, it’s clear that one size doesn’t fit all. Cooperative, municipal and investor-owned utilities not only have different resources and processes, but also have unique goals and requirements. We’re excited to offer our new editions to provide flexible options for any grid operator.”

The Insight edition is an ideal place to start for electric utilities looking to replace spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and manual processes with an optimized network model management solution. A packaged edition that can be up and running in hours, Insight delivers a grid management solution that’s flexible and cost-effective enough to meet the immediate needs of any size utility, while laying a technology foundation for grid scalability and improved reliability.
For grid operators who want to extend their models and capture more data about their network, the Professional edition is the right choice. Electric grid workflows can be quickly configured without code, using a simple, menu-driven interface to define and add new network components.

Electric utilities with more complex processes and existing systems will select the Enterprise edition to customize their network model environment, integrate data streams, and take advantage of a full suite of optional workflow tools, including grid design, construction management, and operations and outage management. There are virtually no limits to the possibilities enabled by the Enterprise edition of Network Manager Electric

“We recently released similar editions of our Network Manager Telecom software, and the news was extremely well received in the fiber and broadband industry,” adds Petti. “By offering editions that deliver our unique network model management capabilities, we are enabling any electric utility to quickly adapt to evolving grid requirements. Regardless of their budget, technical capabilities, or human resources, every electric utility can now flexibly react to increasing demands from stakeholders, goals for renewable energy, or integrating new technology to improve network resilience.”



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Editions overview

Network Manager Electric

Network Manager Electric enables utilities to easily realize value from network data and flexibly model any grid scenario. Choose from Insight, Professional, or Enterprise editions to support your end-to-end network lifecycle.

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