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IQGeo™ accelerates digital transformation and improves productivity across enterprise planning, design, construction and maintenance processes.

Our myWorld™ software gives your people access to the right information, at the right time, by unlocking data previously hidden away in complex and disconnected back end systems.

We put you in control, enabling your business to deliver high value services, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of field construction and maintenance activities.

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Field techs save 35+ minutes per day

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myWorld Fiber Planning cuts FTTx and N+0 design costs by up to 80%


One customer actively monitors 3.4 million clients with 10+ million devices

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Users voted myWorld their highest rated enterprise application

What our customers say

“We have used myWorld to put processes in place that have truly saved us a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money”, said a Director of Network Inventory and User Experience at leading communications company.

Nelson Gillette, Director IS at TELUS said: “We’ve been very impressed with IQGeo, the team has worked very quickly and been able to cater for our specific business and technical requirements. myWorld is intuitive to use and provides a detailed view of our above and below ground network, layered on top of optional base maps including Google Maps, Google Satellite and Google Street View."

Russ Atkins, senior vice president of engineering at Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), a subsidiary of NiSource Inc., said: “Our customers depend on a reliable source of electricity, and we have to be prepared for outages caused by storms or other emergency scenarios. myWorld Damage Assessment helps to empower our employees in the office and the field to better communicate and share information in near real-time. With this technology we will have increased visibility about damaged areas and infrastructure to make swift, informed decisions that will help streamline the restoration processes.” 

Kris Boccio, VP Systems Development & GIS at Zayo, said: “The advantages of putting powerful but easy to use Inventory Maps into the hands of the right staff are tremendous. But this means that we have to simplify the app and user experience in order to avoid the complexities associated with traditional GIS solutions that have prevented progress in this area. The key consumers of the new (myWorld) Inventory Map would be network and field operations teams who require instant access to critical network and customer information, 24x7, enabling them to respond to issues quickly and effectively. A future phase will be to make the inventory map available to Zayo’s customers as an embedded part of the company’s Tranzact platform.” 

"We conducted a survey about six months after the launch of myWorld and this was absolutely head and shoulders above anything else we had ever surveyed our customers on as far as their satisfaction of what we had delivered to them… making their jobs easier, better, making them more productive, allowing them to take care of their customers".

It's (myWorld) another one of those tools that, if you were on your way to work and if you knew you didn’t have it, you would contemplate calling in sick. I can't remember how we used to display and get to a lot of the problems before myWorld. We have been a customer now for 7-8 years and we've pretty much grown with the product. It has been very well accepted throughout our footprint. 

Bill Vincent, ROC Lead Representative, Altice USA

myWorld overview

myWorld enables the creation of a geo operations hub

The myWorld software gives you an easy-to-use geo operations hub that reflects your unique operational ecosystem, visualizing the complexities of people, data and things. myWorld enables a step-change in operational efficiency that creates the foundation for a truly digital business.

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myWorld Industries

Network operations solutions for the electric sector  Network operations solutions for the gas sector  Geospatial solutions for communication service providers
Geospatial solutions for electric companies


Electric utilities are constantly challenged with delivering power reliably and safely to their customers, providing high quality customer service, and effectively managing assets. These challenges are made more difficult with an accelerating rate of change on the network related to transition to smart grid with roll-out of smart meters, and managing distributed generation, renewables and emerging electrification of transport.

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Geospatial solutions for gas companies


Gas utilities deliver an essential service to their residential and commercial customers, and their challenge is to deliver that service safely, reliably and efficiently in a challenging regulatory environment. They need to effectively manage their asset lifecycle and work practices in order to demonstrate compliance and ensure safety of their workforce.

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Solutions for the communicatiomns sector


Communications Service Providers are operating in highly competitive markets, with streaming video and other data hungry applications driving huge investments in multi-year, next-generation fiber network rollouts. Their challenge is to scale their processes to execute this transformation of their infrastructure in very aggressive timeframes in a cost effective manner, while maintaining service performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.


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