Geospatial productivity & collaboration

IQGeo’s geospatial software accelerates productivity and collaboration across enterprise sales, planning, design, construction and maintenance processes for telecoms and utility network operators.

IQGeo’s end-to-end geospatial software improves productivity and collaboration across enterprise sales, planning, design, construction, and maintenance processes for telecoms and utility network operators. Our mobile-first enterprise solutions create and maintain, an accurate view of complex network assets that is easily accessible by anyone, wherever and whenever needed.

Specialized applications combined with our open IQGeo PlatformTM help network operators create a single source of network truth to meet their digital transformation ambitions and operational KPIs. Our award-winning, cloud-enabled solutions save time and money, and improve safety and productivity, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

IQGeo Virtual Meetup
The IQGeo Virtual Meetup provided valuable insights from telecoms and utility industry leaders. Guest speakers included: AOP, Counties Energy, Cox Communications, Crown Castle, ExteNet Systems, LG&E and KU, MDU, NorthRiver Midstream, Portland General Electric, Swish Fibre, and Tachus

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Choosing the right solution
With IQGeo’s acquisition of OSPInsight at the end of 2020, we can now offer solutions for a wide range of network operators and requirements.

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An easy-to-use fiber optic planning and design solution

Built by OSP Engineers, OSPInsight has been trusted by fiber optic network operators for more 25 years to plan, design, build, and operate their telecoms networks.
A complete geospatial solution for the network lifecycle

IQGeo partners with telecoms and utility network operators to deploy enterprise-wide geospatial solutions that improve operational productivity and collaboration.
OSPInsight customers are typically municipal, industrial, university or government fiber networks with less than 10k fiber route miles. It’s an ideal solution for operators that require a simple SaaS or on-premise deployment that is easy-to-use and fast to rollout with predefined workflows using a standalone System of Record. IQGeo customers are typically larger telecoms and utility network operators with many subscribers across a wide metropolitan or regional area. These operators require a highly scalable and customizable solution that is frequently integrated with data streams from existing GIS and vertical applications to create a single consolidated network view for their entire network lifecycle.
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Award winning technology

IQGeo is pleased to again be honored in 2021 with a Broadband Technology Report Diamond Technology Award for Workflow Manager. These prestigious annual awards recognize the best technology in the broadband industry. The judge’s commented 'IQGeo's Workflow Manager software leverages the company's geospatial platform to provide benefits not commonly found in such products.'

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Our partners and integrations

IQGeo has a successful and active partner community and technology integration capability to support each customer’s unique solution and deployment strategy.  We share a common business objective of helping our clients deliver high value services, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of field construction and maintenance activities. 

On-demand webinar

IQGeo Virtual Meetup

The IQGeo Virtual Meetup provided valuable insights from telecoms and utility industry leaders, as well as the hands-on experience of IQGeo customers. The sessions were recorded and now available to view on-demand. 

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Network optimization in the age of digitization

Mapping the digital transformation challenge for global telecommunications

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Network optimization in the age of digitization

Mapping the digital transformation challenge for global telecommunications

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IQGeo customers

With over 50,000 active software users, IQGeo has an established and rapidly growing customer base with telecoms and utility companies worldwide. Hear directly from our customers about how IQGeo is helping them to accelerate productivity and collaboration across their business.

"Geospatial view of damage information"

Hideaki Miyamoto, Manager - System Management Group

NW Natural
"Reducing technical debt"

Jim Downing, CIO

"Changing the way we do business"

Ryan Moody, Fibre Planning Optimization

Central Hudson
"Doing the right thing for the customer"

Jeffrey Cito, Project Manager Operations - ECMC

"One source of truth"

Gordon Perry, Technical Director

Peninsula Light
"Creating the Digital Twin"

Amy Grice, Manager of System Engineering & Operational Technologies

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IQGeo has the agility that we were looking for as well as the leadership in this space and I think those two factors sealed the deal for us. We knew that we would be in good hands.

Jim Downing, CIO, North West Natural

The IQGeo team immediately understood our challenges and delivered a presentation and Proof of Concept that addressed our biggest concerns. We continue to be impressed by both the team and the software, which has exceeded our initial expectations. Offline support, validating designs and version control were causing us major headaches. Thanks to IQGeo, these are now problems of the past!

Gordon Perry, Technical Director, Gigaclear

We are pleased to be working with IQGeo and are already very impressed with the capabilities of the IQGeo Platform.

Markus Metzger, Manager of IT and Telekommunikation, Stadtwerke Sindelfingen

IQGeo gives us a simple tool to assist with network planning and auditing that is easy-to-use in the field. Over the 40 plus years that I have spent in the field, I have never found a solution that can do this, not until I found IQGeo.

Dick Rohm, Director of Engineering, West, Sparklight

It’s a real pleasure working with the team at IQGeo who exceed expectations in everything that they deliver to us. They work closely with us to understand potential application development whether it be for wires down response, meter reading or collection activity in the future. As a utility, the ability to have communications with an organization that listens and develops and tests with you is amazing.

Jeffrey Cito, Project Manager – Operations ECMC, Central Hudson

We’ve been very impressed with IQGeo, the team has worked incredibly quickly and been able to cater for our specific business and technical requirements.

Nelson Gillette, Director IS, TELUS

IQGeo Inspection & Survey makes it lightning fast to create a survey definition and push out to a survey tech in the field. I am excited about our continued partnership.

Stacey Kilroy, Sr. Integrity Management and Pipeline Safety Coordinator, Unitil

The advantages of putting powerful, but easy-to-use Inventory Maps into the hands of the right staff are tremendous.

Kris Boccio, VP Systems Development & GIS, Zayo

When you first see the IQGeo Platform it’s a real eye opener. It’s modern looking and easy-to-use with a simple user interface, unlike any other geospatial system. As an electric cooperative, we’re committed to technology advancements that improve service for our members, safety, system reliability and employee relations. IQGeo helps us to tick a lot of these customer satisfaction boxes.

Amy Grice, Manager of System Engineering and Operational Technologies, Peninsula Light

Reimagine the role of geospatial technology

Unlike legacy GIS that use a centralized, process-heavy architecture dependent on highly specialized engineering resources, IQGeo empowers field and office staff to easily monitor, capture, visualize and manage geospatial network assets without specialized training. We deliver an end-to-end solution with measurable ROI that increases productivity and collaboration across the entire organization.