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Graduate Roles - Not Sure What to Apply For?

Gent, Belgium

IQGeo offers a high variety of job opportunities within one high-tech software company. We have multiple offices around the world and selected graduates can enter our Graduate Program and visit our offices to get a taste of the available opportunities and pick on that works for you. 

We have options as:

  • Full-time Developer in:
    • The IQGeo Engineering team
    • The Comsof R&D team
  • Delivery/Customer Services Organisation:
    • Developer
    • Consultant
    • A role in Training or Support

Person Specification
  • You hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Informatics, Computer Science or Engineering or similar with a good track record.
  • You have excellent programming skills in Java or another object-oriented language.
  • You have experience writing clean code that performs well at scale using Java
  • You have an interest in network planning, more specifically for telecom (fiber) or utility networks (heat, electricity, smart grids networks) and you are excited to continuously follow the state-of-the-art in these domains.
  • You have excellent spoken and written English language skills. 
The Match

We’re committed to succeed, but are we a good match? 

  • Do you care about other people? 
    Whether it is a client or a colleague, whenever a person is in need, we get a boost from seeing other people succeed thanks to our help.
  • Are you continuously looking to improve? 
    We strongly believe that to stand still is to fall behind. We continuously look to improve our own and our client’s processes, whether in small steps or through pure revolutions based on innovation.
  • Are you committed to succeed? 
    We always deliver the best we can, going the extra mile if needed to deliver the high quality expected from us.
The Offer

What’s in it for you? 

  • A flexible work environment, with the ability to work from home and the office.
  • A versatile job with a generous salary package.
  • The chance to work in a professional and challenging environment with a focus on algorithms, graph theory, software and innovation.
  • The opportunity to contribute to a global software provider, leading in its domain.
  • An open working atmosphere with great team spirit. We are an international company with offices in Ghent, Cambridge, Toronto, Denver and Tokyo.

If you would like to join this winning team, please Apply here.