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Euroheat & Power Summit 2023

Join IQGeo in meeting with the District Heating and Cooling community in Brussels




The European district heating and cooling sector is ready to accelerate the transition to renewable and clean heat sources and phase out fossil heating in buildings and industries. The Euroheat & Power Summit is crucial, as member states must now translate a vision of 100% renewable and carbon-neutral heat sources by 2050.

The Euroheat and Power Summit will help member states achieve their goal of 100% renewable and carbon-neutral heat sources by 2050.

To promote the transition to clean heat sources, industry experts from each member state will shed light on the key pillars of a successful and ambitious European action plan for heating and cooling decarbonization.

This year's agenda highlights innovative solutions and technologies:

  • See the policy blueprint for efficient and sustainable district heating and cooling.
  • Sit in on the exclusive presentation of joint research in collaboration with Aalborg University, focusing on accelerating the heat transition by 2030.
  • Celebrate at the Global District Energy Climate Awards Ceremony to recognize the most innovative ultramodern district heating and cooling projects worldwide.


Join us for demos and more!

Join Head of Innovation Kurt Marlein and shape the future with leading industry leaders, policymakers, and civil society representatives. Kurt will be available for attendees to discuss their district energy network plans and offer live demonstrations of Comsof Heat, IQGeo's award-winning software for district energy network planning.

Do not miss your chance to discuss your district energy network plans with experts in the sector. Visit us or schedule an advanced face-to-face meeting at the Euroheat & Power Summit!


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