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Unlocking infinite possibilities at Fiber Connect MENA 2023

IQGeo is excited to be attending the 13th Edition of Fiber Connect MENA 2023!


The Fiber Connect Council MENA is a dynamic industry organization on a mission to accelerate the adoption of FTTH by all broadband stakeholders. With a vision to provide an enhanced life enabled by Fibre to the Home, they are hosting their 13th Edition of the Fiber Connect MENA annual conference.




This event brings together a diverse range of industry experts to discuss the future of fiber optics, as well as other related technologies and services, and the immense benefits they bring to society.


The Fiber Connect MENA event provides professionals with a priceless opportunity to network and collaborate with some of the most influential figures in the fiber optic sector from various corners of the globe. Featuring industry leaders ready to share a wealth of knowledge and insights, the Fiber Connect MENA conference fosters innovation and the exchange of ideas that will shape the future of the industry. 


Raf Meersma_white backgroundThis is why IQGeo is pleased to announce our attendance at the 13th Edition of this evolving reputable event, showcasing an array of distinguished industry speakers, including our very own Raf Meersman, IQGeo's Senior Vice President - EMEA. 


The IQGeo team will be in attendance, engaging with industry experts and individuals who are actively involved in the fiber market. Meet Raf Meersman and Yvan Guyot at the Fiber Connect MENA event to learn about IQGeo's innovative fiber optic network management software and how we are playing our part in building better networks across the globe, or you can schedule an advanced personal meeting with the team.


Find out more about Fiber Connect MENA conference and be a part of the future of fiber optics, we hope to connect with you there!



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