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Regional Fiber Connect of Des Moines

We are excited to attend the upcoming Regional Fiber Connect event in Des Moines, Iowa.

On Tuesday, September 10, IQGeo will be at our third Regional Fiber Connect of the year. The Fiber Broadband Association designed these workshop series to provide attendees with the latest insights and strategies for successful fiber broadband deployment and to foster collaboration and community within the industry.


Meet the team

We are excited to attend this event and connect with our customers and partners. We look forward to meeting with leading organizations in the fiber industry and learning about the latest trends and developments.

You can register on Fiber Broadband Association's event page.

IQGeo at the Regional Fiber Connect of Des Moines IA

Learn about our Integrated Network solution

The Regional Fiber Connect series offers innovative solutions that can help you overcome your fiber challenges and improve the efficiency of your operations. If you are having problems with your current network and system of record, we will show you how our fiber network management software can help you across the network lifecycle. We would be happy to provide a demo and answer any questions.


Schedule a Demo


We hope to see you Tuesday, September 10, in Des Moines, IA!

IQGeo Video to Play

Industry Chat

Strategies of successful network operators

Video interview with FBA President Gary Bolton about what winners in the fiber broadband race have in common.

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