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Virtual interactive workshops

Learn how you can improve operational productivity and collaboration. Choose your preferred workshop date. 

IQGeo virtual workshops with telecoms and utility industry experts

While our work patterns have been dramatically changed by the pandemic, we all remain totally focused on the safe, reliable operation of our network infrastructure. Since we can’t meet face-to-face, IQGeo is inviting you to join us on one of our virtual workshops hosted by our telecoms and utility industry experts.

Each of these 1-2 hour virtual workshops will be conducted online and dedicated to you and your colleagues exclusively. You can choose from four important operational topics that are vital to improving the productivity and collaboration of your organization. Various dates available throughout 2022. 

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 Workshop options include:

1. Design and deployment of a field mobility solution

An effective mobile geospatial solution gives your field teams the information they need to improve productivity in a way that is easy-to-use and quickly adopted. Using our experience of implementing many industry leading mobile deployments for maintenance operations, we will explore your specific mobility requirements and use anonymised customer case studies to examine best practice.

Business benefits:

  • Reduce truck rolls with current, accurate data
  • Mobilize network update activities with greater field efficiency
  • Create mobile WFM workflows with a shared office view

2. Increasing construction productivity

The objective of this workshop is to share ways of optimizing your office-based and mobile construction workflows to improve productivity and collaboration across your organization. Based on experience with our existing customers, this workshop will explore how processes can be streamlined and accelerated.

Business benefits:

  • Improve time-to-market with automated task creation from detailed designs
  • Track progress, hours and performance of employees and contractors
  • Collect as-built data that is directly integrated into back end systems

3. Developing a geospatial data integration strategy

This workshop explores best practice for integration with a range of data sources into a single geospatial view of your enterprise. Possible data sources include GIS, outage systems, IoT sensors, work management systems, crew locations, etc. We will discuss your strategic data sources and applications and share our strategies on integration best practice to make optimal use of your application resources and look for consolidation opportunities.

Business benefits:

  • Maximize the use of applications and data sources to improve decision making
  • Reduce or eliminate “swivel chair” working
  • Consolidate data sources to reduce total cost of ownership


4. The geospatial data quality challenge

One of the biggest barriers to operational productivity is data quality and currency, often illustrated by having lengthy as-built backlogs measured in months and poor collaboration between field and office operations. In this workshop we will examine some of the most typical causes of poor data quality and discuss examples that are relevant to your business. The objective is to identify techniques and strategies that can fundamentally improve data quality across your organization.

Business benefits:

  • Bridge the data gap between office and field operations
  • Provide accurate, current data to accelerate decision making
  • Enhance collaboration and productivity across operational departments

Register for a virtual workshop and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time for you and your team.

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