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INCA Conference 2021

IQGeo at the INCA Conference 2021

IQGeo is excited to be supporting the INCA Conference 2021. The event runs over two days and the first day features a full-day programme focussing on "Tech & Ops" – the tools and technologies that we use to design, build and operate state of the art fibre and wireless networks. The programme for the second day features keynotes from leading voices in our industry, lively panel discussions, and breakout workshops focussing on a range of key topics. 

Meet the IQGeo team 

Stop by the IQGeo stand to meet the team and see how our our end-to-end geospatial software improves productivity and collaboration across enterprise planning, design, construction, maintenance and sales processes for telecoms network operators.

Our mobile-first, cloud-native software creates and maintains an accurate view of increasingly complex network assets that is easily accessible by anyone, wherever. We enable a “System of Action” that breaks down information silos, improves data quality and accelerates decision making.


Office and field – Joined-up thinking

On Day one of the event, John Tarleton, Telecoms Director at IQGeo, will present at 15:40 on office and field - Joined-up thinking. 

We hope to see you there!

To find out more and register, please visit: INCA Conference 2021



Virtual interactive workshops

Join our virtual workshops and learn how you can improve operational productivity and collaboration.

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