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Covid-19 business continuity 

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IQGeo is committed to providing world-class geospatial software technology and high value services to all our customers. To ensure this, the IQGeo management team is monitoring the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic and meeting regularly to plan an appropriate response. The health of our employees, their families, and those of our customers is our top concern and IQGeo is taking the actions listed below to manage the risk of the virus spreading in line with national and local government guidance, while also preserving our ability to operate.

We have developed operational continuity plans across our entire business and are working to ensure we have sufficient resources to support our customers. We are also stepping up restrictions around our physical offices, reducing the number of in-person meetings, and cancelling large group gatherings.

As a business operating in several countries, we will remain compliant with national directives and laws regarding Covid-19, while aiming to have a consistent set of global policies to continue business operations.

IQGeo offices and staff

Our offices will remain open as current national regulations permit, however the majority of IQGeo staff across all our offices are now working from home. Staff should not use public transport to travel to an office to minimize the risk of transmission. Staff that do come to the offices must respect the social-distancing rules and are reminded of the importance of hand hygiene, including washing hands and the use of hand disinfectant facilities.  Staff with cold or flu symptoms will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, and this is extended to include any household member that has these symptoms.

Business as usual

We will actively work with our customers whether this is for maintenance or project activities and will continue to take on new business deploying our global team to support customer projects. Our goal is to continue to meet all our commitments and engagements with as little interruption as possible.

Business travel

IQGeo is observing all domestic and international travel restrictions. Except in extraordinary circumstances, IQGeo staff will curtail business travel and face-to-face meetings. Our participation at conferences and trade shows is being restricted or cancelled.

IQGeo Meetup 2020

The IQGeo management team has made the decision to postpone our annual IQGeo Meetup that was scheduled for September 29th and 30th in Denver. It is our intention to move this in person event to October 2021 and we will hold a Virtual Meetup in 2020.

The entire IQGeo team will work to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 restrictions and ensure business continuity for IQGeo and our customers. Please contact us if you have any questions about our Covid-19 business continuity planning.

Best regards,

Richard Petti

Chief Executive Officer



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