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IQGeo Adaptive Grid reinvents grid management for electric utilities

Cambridge, 3 February 2023 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks” for telecom and utility operators, has changed the conversation for electric utilities to focus on adaptive grid management. At DISTRIBUTECH 2023 on February 7-9 in San Diego, IQGeo will launch its new Adaptive Grid solution, which provides the modern digital capabilities and flexible network modeling needed to meet future grid transformation requirements.

While electric network management solutions have traditionally been mapping focused, IQGeo believes that the enormous challenge of grid modernization requires a solution that can adapt more quickly and flexibly while also focusing on the network.

“Decarbonization initiatives are the driving force behind today's grid modernization efforts,” says Adrian McNulty, VP of Utility Solutions at IQGeo. “To meet these goals, the grid requires a major overhaul, and today’s systems and processes are simply not sufficient to deliver on the sheer volume or work required.”

As grid requirements rapidly evolve, electric utilities need accurate and timely network data across the entire organization. Manual and paper processes, along with disconnected systems, are a major limiting factor. Adaptive Grid enables utilities to digitize end-to-end workflows that enable their teams to easily manage every stage of the network lifecycle, from planning and design to construction, operations and outage response. And with so many unknowns in the future, the right solution will give utilities the ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs.


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“We believe that managing the electric network of the future requires a network-centric solution to keep pace with grid innovation. Map production and geospatial analytics are still important, and traditional GIS can be connected and still perform those functions,” explains McNulty. “At the same time, we frequently hear from utilities that they need a solution that has the flexibility to model current and future network assets, can digitize end-to-end work processes, and can easily connect to critical operational systems. That’s why we created Adaptive Grid.”

Visit the IQGeo team at DISTRIBUTECH International, booth 829 to learn about the new approach to managing the grids of the future. 


About IQGeo
Telecommunications and utility operators are “Building better networks” with IQGeo’s award-winning software solutions. The ability to powerfully model any network requirement, integrate every system and data source, and support field and office teams with continual innovation is helping operators create the networks of the future. Our solutions ensure greater cross-team collaboration and process efficiency throughout the network lifecycle, from planning and design to construction, operations, and sales. 

Whether it’s highly competitive fiber and 5G broadband rollouts or complex utility grid modernization projects, customers trust IQGeo’s enterprise solutions, OSPInsight fiber management, and Comsof planning software. We partner with large multinationals and smaller regional operators to deliver the digital innovation they need to increase network resilience, operational safety, and business ROI.

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