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IQGeo and Overstory provide state-of-the-art vegetation management for new electric utility customer


Cambridge, 03 March 2022 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial productivity and collaboration software for the telecoms and utility industries, today announced a new technology partnership with Overstory in combination with a first joint-customer deployment. IQGeo and Overstory are partnering with a major US electrical network operator to integrate the Overstory machine learning vegetation technology within the IQGeo geospatial software platform. 


The combined solution will support quick identification of vegetation encroachment and will rank risks among overhead power lines to prioritize resource and maintenance programs. With this prioritization, the customer will be able to appropriately allocate resources to optimize trimming equipment costs and reduce the risk of vegetation-related network downtime.


The software integration will allow this customer to explore the high-resolution Overstory satellite data and machine learning analysis within the IQGeo Platform as a series of visual and analytical layers. The customer will see a detailed analysis of high-risk overhead spans—the risk score based on the percentage of vegetation encroachment, tree types, anticipated growth rates and distance from the powerlines. Together with the IQGeo Workflow Manager software, the customer will be able to optimize their field work processes using IQGeo’s mobile capability.


“IQGeo is pleased to be working with the Overstory team on this first customer project,” Jay Cadman, Senior Vice President at IQGeo, said: “The Overstory machine learning capabilities are an ideal complement for our own network management software. The solution is turning network and environmental data into actionable insights that can be executed in the field and delivering measurable return on investment for our customers. In the initial phase of deployment, the customer will be able to identify hot spot areas that need immediate attention as well as identify larger areas that can be addressed as part of an annual plan. The combined IQGeo and Overstory technology provides tremendous value to utility and telecom network operators, and we look forward to partnering with future joint customers.


About the collaboration, Overstory CEO, Indra den Bakker said, ”We're very excited about this partnership with IQGeo. This empowers electric utilities of all sizes to seamlessly integrate advanced vegetation analytics into their existing asset and vegetation management workflows. This means utilities don't have to compromise or manage complex custom integrations—in just hours, the customer was able to load Overstory data into the IQGeo platform to start using it.”


About Overstory

Overstory supports smarter electric utility budgets by delivering real-time vegetation data using machine learning and satellite imagery. Risk analysis based on species, vegetation health, and proximity to line gives vegetation management teams valuable insight to improve service within their networks. By partnering with Overstory, teams can put their own field expertise to work at a much larger scale in both condition- and cycle-based trimming programs, reducing risk and increasing reliability across their networks.

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