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IQGeo joins ISPA to promote innovation for UK ISPs

Cambridge, 10 April 2024 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks for telecom and utility operators, today announced that it has joined the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) as part of their Partnership Programme. ISPA is a leading UK trade association for internet companies and for nearly 30 years has been dedicated to promoting competition, innovation, and self-regulation for the positive development of the industry. 


More than 150 ISP member companies and 13 partners make up the ISPA membership, and the organization is a driving force and central advocate for promoting collaboration and constructive dialog for the internet community across the United Kingdom. The ISPA events, workshops, and eNewsletters provide an ideal forum for IQGeo to share its experience helping fiber network operators plan, design, construct, operate and monetize their broadband network infrastructure.  


“The ISPA team and their activities have an excellent reputation with the internet and fiber industry,” commented Steve Tongish, Chief Marketing Officer at IQGeo. “Our award-winning Network Manager Telecom and Comsof Fiber software products have substantial market share with UK-based companies and the new ISPA partnership gives us an excellent channel to be involved with key industry conversations and trends. For example, as broadband operator focus begins to shift from fiber design and construction to connection and adoption, IQGeo is engaging with ISPs through ISPA to develop innovative software solutions that meet their evolving technical and business requirements.” 


Krystian Heald, Head of Partnerships at ISPA UK, said: "We are delighted to have IQGeo join our growing ISPA Partnership Programme in 2024. Our ISPA Partners form an integral part of the UK internet ecosystem, supplying critical products and services to the UK ISPs and fiber network builders, enabling them to deploy improved gigabit services to consumers nationwide and ensuring that the UK remains a leading digital nation. We look forward to developing the Partnership with IQGeo over the coming 12 months." 


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