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IQGeo scoops INCA Technical Innovation Award for Network Manager Telecom

Cambridge, 23 November 2023 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks” for telecom and utility operators, today announced that it received the 2023 Technical Innovation Award from the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA), one of the leading trade organizations in the UK driving broadband adoption.


inca-awards-logoIQGeo’s Network Manager Telecom software was selected for the “ground-breaking work” it has achieved with INCA members to accelerate fiber deployment and optimize network operations.  

The INCA judging committee recognized Network Manager Telecom for two game-changing product extensions in 2023 that are providing even greater benefits to fiber network operators. The first is the integration of IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber automated planning software, which enables a fully connected planning, design, and construction process, providing faster time-to-revenue and reduced construction costs. The second major extension was the launch of Insight, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Network Manager Telecom, making its proven network management capabilities accessible to fiber operators regardless of size or budget.  

“The IQGeo team was very pleased to receive this impressive accolade from the INCA judges,” says Steve Tongish, Chief Marketing Officer at IQGeo. “Our Network Manager Telecom software has seen huge advances this year and is now established as an industry leader being used by fiber network operators around the world. The market reaction on the integration of our Comsof Fiber software and the release of three new product editions could not have been more positive, and we’ve received amazing feedback on the business value it’s helping our customers achieve. Thank you to INCA for this recognition and to the IQGeo team for their hard work and “award-winning” innovation.” 


Watch the INCA awards interview below.


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