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IQGeo’s new Network Manager is a game-changer for electric and gas utilities by accelerating network modernization

Cambridge, 01 December 2021 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial productivity and collaboration software for the utility and telecoms industries, today announced the commercial release of its new Network Manager Electric and Network Manager Gas software solutions. These products are fully optimized for the needs of electric and gas network operators, providing the industry's most agile and efficient planning, design, and workflow solutions.


The priorities and role of utility network operators are changing dramatically. Organizations are embarking on major system modernization and decarbonization initiatives against a backdrop of increasingly severe weather and natural disaster incidents, accompanied by greater regulatory oversight. These new realities mean that operators need a flexible way to respond quickly to rapidly changing demands. IQGeo’s new Network Manager software is a modern distributed network management solution that supports the entire operational lifecycle in a way that centralized, legacy GIS products simply cannot.


The new products are built on the same core architecture and design principles employed in IQGeo’s award-winning Network Manager Telecom software and are proven with some of the world’s largest and most innovative telecom operators. The Network Manager Electric and Gas products simplify and streamline normally complex network planning, design and workflow activities, helping to deliver the transformational change essential for the networks of the future. Operators can now have a single consolidated view of their network and can model any network, integrate any system, and use the solution anywhere, in the office or in the field. Optimized for electric and gas networks, Network Manager creates an innovative digital twin that rapidly integrates with all geospatial, application, and data sources to unite processes across planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance, and disaster response.


“Electric and gas utilities must now quickly adopt a wide array of new network architectures to make fast-flowing decisions about the shape of their next-generation transmission and distribution systems,” says Jay Cadman, Senior Vice President for IQGeo. “Network Manager Electric and Gas deliver optimized planning, design and operations workflows that easily integrate data and applications into a single geospatial network view to collaborate more effectively across tasks, geographies and departments.”


The utility industry will see more change in the next five years than it has in its whole history; they need a flexible powerful solution which works across their organization to help them adapt,” adds Cadman. “Our mobile-centric architecture can flexibly meet whatever requirements our customers prioritize, while also deploying in a matter of weeks rather than years. Speed and agility are critical now for utilities and these attributes are at the heart of all our Network Manager solutions. We have already partnered with leading electric and gas network operators to roll out initial deployments of these game-changing new products.”


See for yourself how IQGeo’s latest software is rewriting the rules with agile network planning, design, and workflow management. Book a product preview with our industry experts.


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