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IQGeo drives digital transformation for telecoms with Network Manager

Cambridge, 26 November 2019 - IQGeo (AIM:IQG) announces the launch of Network Manager for telecoms, a new product that extends the IQGeo platform to design, maintain and edit networks, as well as host network asset data. IQGeo’s mobile-first scalable and flexible solution enables telecoms operators to reimagine their digital transformation strategy for network deployment and operations; improving data quality, reducing operating costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


IQGeo’s end-to-end platform enables the integration of geospatial data into any business process. Real-time, accurate and easy to use geospatial network data is critical for virtually every department including sales and marketing, planning, engineering and operations, creating a backbone for digital transformation strategies.


Traditionally, IQGeo software has connected to existing network asset GIS databases such as Esri, GE Smallworld, Hexagon and Synchronoss, and integrated with other data sources, to create mobile-friendly powerful solutions used seamlessly between the office and field. The release of Network Manager for telecoms removes the reliance on an expert-managed, legacy GIS by delivering a fully-integrated solution that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.


Authorized staff, not just GIS experts, can now update network asset details on any device, from anywhere. The result is a real-time, end-to-end view of operational realities across the enterprise, which has driven rapid adoption of IQGeo software to over 50,000 users.


Richard Petti, CEO at IQGeo, said: “At IQGeo we have completely reconsidered the role of an enterprise geospatial platform and how it should directly contribute to strategic business objectives. Network Manager reflects changing technology, skill sets and network realities, helping to control the cost of construction and maintenance operations, while improving customer satisfaction. IQGeo goes beyond legacy GIS to leverage the power of mobile geospatial insights to improve productivity and collaboration across the entire organization.”


To find out more about Network Manager, register for our upcoming webinar


IQGeo’s Network Manager for telecoms will be available in January 2020.


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