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Flexible telecom network management for any technology infrastructure

Flexibility is a hallmark of IQGeo’s product development strategy, as our telecom customers often need to integrate multiple systems and data streams, streamline numerous workflows and quickly build new ones, and execute work efficiently from both the office and the field. Our goal is to enable them to do all these things from a single system: Network Manager Telecom. And while we continue to help them build toward the future with new fiber deployments, we also want to ensure they can manage their current networks as efficiently as possible. 


Support for copper and coaxial networks 

For many telecom operators, this means significant previous investments in copper and coaxial networks. While fiber is the technology of choice for new deployments, many operators have thousands of customers depending on legacy network infrastructure. That’s we’re excited about the latest release of Network Manager Telecom, which extends the same industry-best network management capabilities to copper and coaxial networks. 


This latest enhancement enables operators with mixed technology infrastructures to do two things: simplify their system landscape to a single management platform and replace their legacy system of record. Watch the short videos below to see demos of Network Manager Telecom’s new capabilities. 


Network Manager Telecom copper network support demo video




Network Manager Telecom coaxial network support demo video


Cable-to-equipment relationships 

We did not, however, simply extend the product to multiple technologies. We’ve also enhanced its features, starting with displaying cable-to-equipment relationships. Users can now specify which equipment cables are terminated on and then filter connectivity to show only the cables terminated on the equipment. This functionality simplifies connectivity management by making it easier for users to understand connectivity in complex structures and avoid errors by limiting choices for the user. Watch below to see this capability in action. 


Network Manager Telecom cable to equipment relationships demo video


Line of count support 

Customers have consistently told us that it would be beneficial to record cable counts (line of count) without the need for customization. With this new release, we’ve enabled both users and other systems to apply a line of count designation to ranges of fiber strands or copper pairs to communicate about those fibers/pairs across the network. 


Network Manager Telecom line of count support demo video


We’re excited to continue moving forward with Network Manager Telecom, the foundation for IQGeo’s Integrated Network solution for telecom operators. As we continue to help our customers flexibly model any network asset, accelerate digital transformation across every workflow, and improve data accuracy from the office or the field, we’d love to chat with you about what’s coming next! 


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