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New white paper reveals IQGeo's strategic role in providing high quality data for ADMS

Good quality data has always been important to improving productivity for electrical utility network operations, but it is even more critical today. At the heart of the modern electrical grid lies Advance Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), which is crucial in improving grid resiliency, enabling utilities to recover faster from a natural disaster and accommodate larger qualities of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems. However, an ADMS is only as good as the data used in the management process, so it is essential that all data is validated, particularly when gathered from multiple source systems.


The latest white paper from IQGeo focuses on the strategic role that its geospatial platform plays as a data quality management system for ADMS, GIS and other business critical applications. The IQGeo geospatial platform is particularly useful for data validation when data is gathered from multiple sources, whether this is one or more source GISs, or other source systems such as CIS or MDM. It provides a single consolidated, geospatial network view with real-time validated data that is aggregated from a range of sources.  


A key strength of the IQGeo platform is its ability to easily integrate data from these multiple sources into one common environment, whether virtual or consolidated. This enables the running of data quality tests that make use of information from multiple sources. The white paper details other strengths of IQGeo’s platform when it comes to data validation within ADMS environments, including:

  • Excellent and easily configurable integration with leading GIS products (Smallworld, ESRI etc.).
  • Powerful and agile development platform that can be used to implement sophisticated data quality tests through a combination of configuration and customization.
  • Proven enterprise performance and scalability.
  • Integration with Google Street View and other ‘reality data’ sources that provide an efficient option to resolve specific data issues.
  • Fully integrated mobile application with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data capture tools that can be deployed when field verification is needed to resolve data issues.
  • Workflow Manager can be used for tracking identified data issues throughout the resolution process.

Testing and improving data quality for ADMS and GIS is a complex task. IQGeo provides a high performance system able to manage the large data volumes and extreme model complexity required. IQGeo’s platform closes the GIS data gap between the operational system and as-built data capture in the field using an agile mobile-first architecture.


Find out more about the data quality role that IQGeo plays in an ADMS environment by downloading our white paper today. 



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Topics: Geospatial software, Utilities, Data quality

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