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SCTE Podcast interview with Raf Meersman

As part of their SCTE Podcast series, Melissa Cogavin (Managing Editor), and Tony Basham (President) from SCTE Europe (Society of Broadband Professionals) interviewed Raf Meersman (General Manager for EMEA at IQGeo).

In their wide ranging 30-minute interview they cover a number of prescient topics that makes for an informative and engaging session. It’s a great opportunity to hear Raf’s insights and perspective as a veteran who’s been involved with fiber deployments since the early stages of the industry.

Subjects discussed included:

  • IQGeo’s acquisition of Comsof
  • The history and future of fiber network rollouts
  • The origins of automated planning technology
  • The migration from copper and coax to fiber
  • Fiber adoption in urban and rural communities
  • Using automated planning for the utility transition
  • Crystal ball predictions on the future of broadband

Enjoy the SCTE interview with Raf Meersman.




Raf_Meersman_160x160 Raf Meersman, General Manager for EMEA at IQGeo 

Raf has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing software for automating network planning and design. Formerly the CEO of Comsof, Raf grew the business into a global market leader for auto-design software, expanding from 10 to 60+ employees with an average 40% annual growth in revenue. Since 2020 Raf was also elected as a Board member for the FTTH Council Europe and is a frequent industry speaker.


Melissa_Cogavin_160x160 Tony_Basham_160x160

Melissa Cogavin

Managing Editor, SCTE Europe

 Tony Basham

President, SCTE Europe


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Topics: Utilities, Fiber to the home (FTTH), Telecommunications, Digital transformation, Fiber optic networks

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