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IQGeo immersive training for fiber, telecom and utilities

Join IQGeo for firsthand sessions led by experts to enhance your knowledge and skills in a collaborative environment.


Join IQGeo for training led by experts to improve your software knowledge and skills in a collaborative environment. We offer three training sessions: Network Manager Telecom, automated planning and design, and Workflow Manager training. This training will help you expand and enhance your use of IQGeo's award-winning software. 

The training will run the day before the IQGeo Americas Meetup 2024

The three immersive training sessions are run in parallel, allowing participants to choose the one session that is most appropriate for their business requirements. All delegates that successfully complete the course will receive an IQGeo immersive training certificate.

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Network Manager Telecom immersive training

Audience: Fiber and telecom network managers

This immersive training session is to help existing and new users maximize their efficient use of the Network Manager Telecom software in the office and the field. The training session will focus on features and techniques used in the design process, explore ring and point-to-point topologies, and share software and industry best practices.

Key areas covered will include:

  • Modeling structures, equipment, specs, and circuit features
  • Capabilities of Network Manager design tools
  • Point-to-point and ring topology design best practice
  • Design for accurate Bills of Material
  • Field data collection best practice


  • Creatively model new Network Manager features
  • Minimize clicks with native design tools
  • Understand ring and point-to-point topology modeling
  • Produce accurate Network Manager BOMs
  • Enable field teams with optimized tools and process best practices


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Automated planning and design immersive training

Audience: Fiber network planning and design engineers

This immersive training session is to help users improve their use of Comsof Fiber's automated rule configurations. The training session provides a refresher for existing users or a first look for new users on the configuration and use of design rules in the automation process. Students will explore how changes impact designs and develop techniques to improve their design practices.

Key areas covered will include:

  • Managing input data
  • Redefining rules for multiple design scenarios
  • Understanding how changes impact designs


  • Create high-quality, consistent designs
  • Reduce errors in the automation process
  • Compare unique design scenarios and architectures


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Workflow Manager (WFM) immersive training

Audience: Telecom and utility operators and contractors

This immersive training session is structured to help existing and new users optimize their use of Workflow Manager (WFM). The training session introduces the role and use of WFM for telecom and utility operators to develop ticketing/work order sequences that can be managed in the back office and support digital field workflows. Attendees will explore how an out-of-the-box (OOTB) configuration can lead to more efficient workflows.

Key areas covered will include:

  • WFMs essential functions that involve users, tickets, and work assignments
  • Create configurable smart forms based on various use cases
  • Incorporate high-level reporting with third-party solutions such as MS Power BI


  • Capable of building efficient workflows that meet organizational needs
  • Utilize smart form designs for ease of use and to increase fieldwork efficiency
  • Enable field crews with tickets in real-time through digital field workflows

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Join us for hands-on IQGeo immersive training sessions to level up your skills in an interactive way.

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IQGeo Americas Meetup 2024

Where: Le Meridien Denver downtown.

When: Monday, October 9 through Friday, October 11.

Join IQGeo, along with industry leaders in the telecom and utility sectors, for an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and expand your professional network. Discover how our product plans can support your business objectives and maximize your investment in IQGeo technology.

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