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Fiber Broadband Association releases inaugural fiber guide


In October, the Fiber Broadband Association released its first ever Fiber guide, a free downloadable report that covers the latest trends and developments across the industry.

At a time when internet demand is skyrocketing worldwide, the guide helps explain why fiber is the broadband technology of the future.

The guide consists of six sections:

  1. Why Fiber
  2. What’s Next: Top Five Fiber Industry Developments
  3. 5G and Fiber
  4. North American Fiber Update
  5. Fiber Makes “Cents” for Real Estate
  6. Connecting Rural Communities with Fiber

We love seeing more content put out there about fiber and the FBA did a fantastic job of synthesizing a lot of information and highlighting key takeaways for fiber developers and operators.

We’ve read the guide -- it is absolutely worth a read.

Download the Fiber guide, print it, read it, and share it. You won’t regret it.  


Topics: Fiber to the home (FTTH), Telecommunications, Fiber optic networks, Fiber

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