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Fostering collaboration for sustainable DHC at Euroheat & Power Congress

The Euroheat & Power Congress 2024 in Rotterdam was a whirlwind of learning, engagement, and a collective drive for a greener future. Here at IQGeo, we're thrilled to have been a part of this pivotal event, fostering connections and showcasing our commitment to advancing district heating and cooling (DHC) solutions.

Welcoming new Euroheat & Power leadership
The networking dinner at the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam was a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow attendees and industry leaders. The event marked a significant moment with the introduction of the new Euroheat & Power leadership. We extend our congratulations to the new President, Janne Kerttula, and Vice President, Frans de Heij. Their commitment to advocating for DHC on the European stage will be crucial for the industry's continued growth.


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On Day 2, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at the Euromast, boasting amazing views of Rotterdam, to celebrate 🎉 Euroheat & Power's 70th birthday. 


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Collaboration for a decarbonized future
The congress highlighted the growing importance of DHC networks in decarbonizing energy systems. With over 8 million households projected to connect to DHC in Europe by 2030, robust regulatory frameworks and risk mitigation strategies are essential. Discussions emphasized the need for regulatory stability, streamlined customer experience, energy system integration, and fair cost distribution for sustained DHC sector growth.

The discussions throughout the event highlighted the importance of factors like regulatory stability, streamlined customer experience, energy system integration, and fair cost distribution for the continued growth of the DHC sector. From financing to sector diversification, digitalization, and waste heat utilization, the congress showcased the industry's dynamic and innovative approach to tackling climate challenges.


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Showcasing innovation: Comsof Heat
Our participation wasn't complete without showcasing our innovative solutions. At booth 15, we demonstrated the capabilities of Comsof Heat, our automated planning design software. This powerful tool streamlines the planning process for DHC networks, empowering organizations to achieve their Net Zero goals with greater efficiency.

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Kurt Marlein and Jospeh Jebamalai at Euroheat and Power congress 2024

Kurt Marlein, Product Manager and Joseph Jebamalai, Customer Success Manager 


Looking ahead: Collaboration is key
As we move forward, IQGeo remains dedicated to supporting the DHC industry's growth and sustainability goals. We're excited to be a part of this collective effort to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. If you missed us at the congress or want to learn more about how our solutions can help you accelerate your DHC network plans, feel free to reach out.


To learn more about the growing maturity and expansion of the DHC market, read our blog “The levels of district energy network design maturity”.

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