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10 reasons telecom and utility operators choose IQGeo

In today's competitive telecom, fiber, and utility landscape, managing your physical network assets efficiently is paramount to business success. Choosing the right geospatial software partner empowers you to optimize operations, save time, and achieve your goals. But with so many options available, how do you know IQGeo is the right fit for your needs? 

Don't just take our word for it. Let's hear directly from our customers.


1. Extensive industry expertise

Our team understands your challenges because they've been there. Many IQGeo employees have rich telecom, utility, and geospatial backgrounds, bringing invaluable industry knowledge to the table. This resonates with users like Proximus, who highlighted “For us, IQGeo is really a partner. They know us very well, they know what we want, and they can think with us," Geert Bruylandt, Domain Manager – Fibre Network Program at Proximus. 


Automated fiber planning accelerates FTTH rollout and time to revenue for Proximus



2. Single source of truth

Imagine having all your critical network data available in one place, easily accessible and up-to-date. IQGeo's geospatial network management software provides that central hub, eliminating the need to juggle multiple datasets and ensuring everyone is working from the same page. This translates to significant efficiency gains, as Collin Rose, Founder & President, Daystarr Communications said “With IQGeo and that single source of truth, we can quickly find routes, fibers and repair cuts, etc. IQGeo is all about saving time for us.”


A single source of network truth saves time and money for DayStarr Communications



3. Industry leading field mobility 

Your network operations don't stop at the office. IQGeo's mobile solutions empower your field crews with the tools they need to be productive and efficient. This can significantly improve data collection and quality, as we've seen with several customers.

IQGeo field mobility

Gareth Carter, Commercial Director at Alncom, highlights the seamless integration that inspires his field engineers: "Previously, our network build process relied heavily on spreadsheets for tasks like splice diagrams, often managed manually through Excel and paper documents. Now, with IQGeo, all splice diagrams are seamlessly imported and accessible on our engineers' iPads. This allows splice engineers to work through tasks efficiently on-site, with changes easily updated and synchronized back at the office." 


IQGeo and Alncom customer case study

Learn about Alncom's efficient fiber planning and rollout model



4. Streamline automation

IQGeo automates tedious tasks, streamlining process workflows that frees up valuable engineering resources to focus on critical projects. This translates to significant time savings. Imagine reverting to a completely manual process, where every step involves paper forms and handoffs – that's the reality that Terence Saar, Senior Advisor of Business Process at Bell Mobility, Canada, describes if IQGeo were no longer available, "If the IQGeo software for some reason went away, we would redact to an entirely manual state of business where every document, transaction, and process step would be a manual handoff or manual form." 


Optimizing processes reduces cost for Bell Mobility



5. Improve efficiency

IQGeo integrates seamlessly with established workflows, ensuring reduced errors and delays, keeping your projects and inspections on track. Christine Hale, Information Technology Project Manager at Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), emphasizes: "With IQGeo, we're exponentially reducing the time it takes to do each inspection. When talking about more than 100,000 structures, it adds up."

Lineman Drew Tierney from WAPA echoes this sentiment, highlighting the improved reliability and efficiency benefits: "We now have a more reliable tool that will save us time and make some parts of the aerial and ground patrol easier. It will help us be more efficient with planning, too.


IQGeo and WAPA customer case study

At the IQGeo Americas Meetup, Tonya Spencer shares how the WAPA team is using the IQGeo software 



6. Accelerate operational processes

IQGeo helps organizations streamline their workflows and accelerate operations. Hideaki Miyamoto, Manager of System Management Group at TEPCO, highlights this benefit: "Using the IQGeo software, our crews can work much faster to understand facility conditions, streamlining their workload."


IQGeo is core to TEPCO's damage assessment and outage response 


By providing real-time data and intuitive tools, IQGeo empowers field crews to make quicker decisions and complete tasks more efficiently. Electric grid outage response capabilities include real-time visualization of network status for improved customer communication and integrated OMS and weather feeds for better situational awareness. These tools are crucial during storms and power outages, accelerating service restoration, and ensuring swift responses to emergencies.



7. Intuitive interface for everyone

IQGeo goes beyond just functionality. Charles Huddleston, Senior VP of Engineering at Central Service Association, highlights the user-friendly design: "We decided to partner with IQGeo because the software is so easy to use." This intuitive interface requires very little training and empowers users at all technical levels to quickly learn and leverage the software's capabilities, maximizing its value for your organization. 


Field mobility is key for CSA's customers 



8. Support the entire network lifecycle 

Brightspeed, an internet provider committed to expanding connectivity across America, faced significant challenges with outdated technology and fragmented systems, hindering their network expansion efforts. To address these issues, Brightspeed turned to IQGeo to provide a unified platform and modern tools to streamline their entire network lifecycle -from planning and design to construction.

IQGeo Integrated Network solution overview

As Craig Krammes, Director for IT Engineering Systems, notes, “The end-to-end process really helps us. You go from the design process into a field survey and then into construction. You then have full visibility of ticket progress, all of which really helps us with our KPIs.” With IQGeo's solution, Brightspeed achieved remarkable results, launching new networks in six states within six months, reducing activation times by 3-4 weeks, passing 1 million homes, and lowering construction costs by 10-20%. This end-to-end approach has empowered Brightspeed to reimagine their fiber rollout strategy and commit to delivering fast, reliable networks for decades to come. 


Brightspeed's IQGeo deployment addresses it's entire fiber network lifecycle


9. Automate fiber network planning and design 

In preparation for a large-scale FTTH rollout in Germany, Deutsche Telekom, a leading telecom provider, teamed up with IQGeo, utilizing IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber software to automate and optimize network designs. This strategic collaboration aimed to achieve their ambitious target of passing 3 million homes per year. 


IQGeo and Deutsche Telecom webinar

Deutshe Telekom share strategies to accelerate FTTH deployment 


When it comes to high-level design, Deutsche Telekom uses IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber to help set them up for success. Henning Wulf, Product Owner, Fiber Planning from Deutsche Telekom notes, "With good software, you can set the rules how you want it in a modular way. You can scale your output efficiently and gain speed based on your goals, but you still have the possibility to try several versions of a network if needed. This eliminates a lot of manual work. The better the input data, like mobile mapping, the better the quality of the design. This allows for a really good first estimation of the project price." This integrated solution has empowered Deutsche Telekom to efficiently achieve their rollout objectives, setting a new standard for future endeavours. 


IQGeo and Deutsche Telekom Customer Innovation Award

Deutsche Telekom receives a Customer Innovation Award at IQGeo EMEA Meetup



10. Integrate any data source 

TELUS, one of Canada's largest telecom companies implemented IQGeo products to consolidate multiple applications into a single operational view. This integration provided a unified platform for engineering, operations, and sales support, resulting in improved customer service, enhanced internal efficiency, and faster response times for new customers.

IQGeo Network Manager Telecom

Ryan Moody, Fibre Planning Optimization at TELUS, shares how the power of integration and application consolidation has “changed the way they do business”. “We have over 4,000 active users using the IQGeo product, teams that never thought they would use GIS are now using GIS and it's so simple to use,” said Moody “It's a Chrome-based app which we integrated into our field force tool. Technicians simply click a link within their job ticket, similar to Google Streets, and it will then throw them over into IQGeo, they can then see the customer data, the connection points and so forth".


Application consolidation is highly strategic for TELUS

Transforming telecom and utility networks 

IQGeo’s growing list of customers include some of the world’s most innovative telecommunication, fiber, and utility network operators and contractors. Check out our customer stories page to see many more reasons why they choose IQGeo.  


IQGeo customer stories


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