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IQGeo webinar highlights 2019

2019 was a great first year for the new IQGeo brand and our global activities. Our webinar series covered a range of topics featuring customer deployments at leading telecoms and utilities around the world, hosting expert panels and discussing hot topics that are affecting the way we all do business.

Here’s some of the IQGeo webinar highlights from 2019.


How Cable ONE accelerates construction and field operations

Our webinarHow Cable ONE accelerates construction and field operations was hosted with our customer Cable One, now Sparklight. Dick Rohm and Richard Chappell talked about how the business has addressed critical network construction and operations challenges and provided insights into their very successful IQGeo deployment. It explored the challenges faced in the customer quoting process and how the IQGeo platform provides a near real-time, accurate view of their network asset. This streamlines their quoting process, saving them time, money, while improving customer satisfaction.

“The Capture change-set tool is doing everything I’ve dreamed about in my career - being able to keep our network updated as accurately as possible and quickly get things done.”

Dick Rohm – Engineering Director at Sparklight


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IQGeo’s Mobile technology transforms electric service quoting and design

Our utility team experts ran a webinar to showcase how IQGeo’s Mobile technology transforms electric service quoting and design. They demonstrated how a service installation plan can be generated using IQGeo’s capture product at the touch of a button, all from a mobile device.


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Is legacy GIS failing network infrastructure companies?

In the summer we hosted our most popular webinar to date:Is legacy GIS failing network infrastructure companies? For this webinar, our CTO Peter Batty was joined by industry experts Linda Stevens and Geoff Zeiss to discuss the issues caused by legacy GIS for utilities and telecoms. They came to the conclusion that it was ‘time for a change’. Most of the GIS software used by network infrastructure operators was designed 20-30 years ago. Specifically designed for the creation of paper maps, this cartography-centric approach will not meet the digital transformation needs of network operators that  require a reality-centric approach.


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Mobilize your Smallworld software

We ran a targeted webinar for GE Smallworld users, demonstrating how IQGeo’s industry leading platform seamlessly integrates with Smallworld deployments. Our Smallworld integration provides real-time data for field engineers and office designers.  


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Development and implementation of IoT strategies for digital transformation at Stadtwerke Sindelfingen

Our first German language webinar was run with our German utility customer and was titled:Development and implementation of IoT strategies for digital transformation at Stadtwerke Sindelfingen”. It showcased how IQGeo is supporting Stadtwerke Sindelfingen on its digital transformation journey with the integration of IQGeo’s mobile-first, geospatial software to automate and optimize data capture from field teams and IoT devices across its entire utility network.


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Now is the time to reimagine your telecoms geospatial strategy

We finished the year with a webinar that launched our new Network Manager geospatial software.

Now is the time to reimagine your telecoms geospatial strategyexplored how IQGeo is enabling telecoms to reimagine digital transformation strategy for network deployment and operations; improving data quality, streamlining processes, reducing operating costs and increasing customer satisfaction.  


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IQGeo webinars in 2020

Our webinars are growing in popularity and we have a great selection lined up for 2020. We will continue to host webinars that talk about the issues facing telecoms and utilities and will also share how our award-winning IQGeo products can help you face these challenges and help meet your digital transformation ambitions. You can register for upcoming webinars resource page or follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed.  


Topics: Geospatial software, Utilities, Telecommunications

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