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Reimagining electric utility networks

As many countries adopt targets to become carbon neutral – and commercial and private transport becomes increasingly electric – the spotlight is on Energy Resources Management (ERM). The ERM challenge is growing exponentially as electric utility network providers look to transform their networks to integrate renewables and respond to global energy supply changes.


Spotlight on Energy Resource Management 

Events are aligning to put electric utilities at the very heart of a sustainable future for everyone. As more of us have solar panels on our roofs, driveway charging stations and EV batteries, electrical service providers are facing a transformation in the nature of the electricity network. This is an exciting opportunity that demands imagination, vision and the right geospatial technology.

Electric utilities are jostling for position to compete in the renewables space. Power supply is transitioning from a star shaped topology – with supply radiating outwards from power stations – towards a mesh structure that supports multidirectional electricity generation and supply, taking in smart meters and the contribution of renewables and batteries to the grid.


Network transformation 

The first step towards network transformation is to understand the network assets already in place, and data quality is key. ADMS solutions can deliver substantial benefits to an increasing range of electric utilities companies. But first, manual processes, where notes scribbled on paper in the field and are laboriously keyed in to centralized systems, hours, days or even weeks later, must be automated.

Once electric utilities have a good understanding of their network assets, it is then possible to develop a strategy to capture and visualize near real-time data and use it to improve safety and customer service. This need not be a huge, one-off digital transformation project. Incremental changes such as introducing mobile field technology for more efficient data capture will help to create an ever more accurate view of our increasingly complex network infrastructures.


Reimagine the role of geospatial technology

As the world changes, it is time to reimagine the role the geospatial technology plays in managing mesh distribution networks. Modern mobile geospatial solutions are replacing traditional centralized GIS to create a more agile and distributed technology strategy that reflects – and maximizes the benefits of – the changing network ecosystem.


Empowering electric utilities 

To find out how electric utility companies are handling their ERM challenges with geospatial mobile technology, download our eBook 'Empowering electric utilities to transform their network operations’. Read insights from industry experts at Avangrid, Centrica, Duquesne Light, E.ON, Eversource, Jackson Electric Membership, Minnesota Power, Salt River Project, Vattenfall and more.




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