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The role of IT in accelerating FTTH deployments and operations

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks have become increasingly crucial in meeting user demand, enabling business plans, and achieving the digital goals of the European Union. However, deploying and operating FTTH networks can be complex and expensive. To maximize the number of activated connections, ensure network uptime, and provide flexible configuration options, the role of Information Technology (IT) is pivotal. 


White paper: The role of IT in accelerating FTTH Deployments and Operations

With contributions from Jonas Verstuyft, Product Manager at IQGeo, this white paper was compiled by the FTTH Council Europe and their expert members to discuss the role of IT in accelerating FTTH deployments and operations. It also addresses how best to avoid missing out on significant connection and activation capacity and the benefits of IT-based optimization.

By implementing a comprehensive IT strategy and leveraging automation, design optimization, remote testing, and advanced analytics, telecom operators can overcome pain points in each phase of the network lifecycle. IT solutions streamline processes, enhance network quality, improve operational efficiency, and provide valuable insights for future upgrades and expansions. With IT as a key enabler, telecom operators can deliver high-quality, reliable, and sustainable full-fiber networks for a digital Europe.

The white paper covers the following topics:
•    IT solutions for key challenges to operators deploying and operating fibre networks
•    FTTx network pain points at the Plan, Design, Build, and Operate stages 
•    The benefits of IT solutions for each phase of the FTTH network lifecycle
•    Key IT solutions for FTTH: design automation and remote testing
•    Optimizing every phase of the network deployment lifecycle
•    Case study: improving the number of homes passed
•    Future of IT in the fiber industry 

To learn more about how IT solutions can accelerate FTTH deployments and operations, download the FTTH Council Europe white paper today: The role of IT in accelerating FTTH Deployments and Operations


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Conquering the rural broadband challenge

IQGeo’s webinar in partnership with FTTH Council Europe explored the efficient fiber planning and rollout model deployed by specialist rural broadband supplier Alncom

In this webinar, Gareth Carter, Commercial Director at Alncom and John Tarleton, Sales Director at IQGeo share the secrets to Alncom's successful rural deployment strategy that is unlocking success for customers, communities, and businesses across Northumberland and bringing high-speed internet to rural areas.


Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how Alncom are bridging the digital divide and bringing internet equality to previously unserved locations with agility and speed.

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Topics: Fiber to the home (FTTH), Network lifecycle, Telecommunications, FTTx



Conquering the rural broadband challenge

Alncom, a rural broadband supplier, has successfully conquered the challenge of bringing high-speed internet to rural areas. Learn how they bridged the digital divide and brought internet equality to previously unserved locations.

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