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5 key ingredients to reduce fiber time to market

The telecom market is poised for exponential growth with the Biden administration pledging 45 billion dollars through the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment program to bring internet to every home in the US. In the near future, internet services might in fact be a right! To capitalize immediately, fiber organizations need to embrace the most current technologies rather than continue to work with outdated, siloed solutions.


I have been fortunate to work with three major telecom providers in North America who have successfully deployed IQGeo’s Integrated Network solution. Back in 2021, I shared how Bell Mobility in Canada partnered with IQGeo to create a one-stop solution for their 5G rollout. I can now provide accounts of other telecom companies – especially in the US – who have been early adopters of the IQGeo solution for their greenfield and brownfield builds. This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time since the US has embraced the next big phase in telecom services. 


Reducing time to market: 5 critical ingredients

To succeed during such a competitive time for fiber deployments, time to market is crucial. For IQGeo’s visionary customers, the Integrated Network solution fits the bill perfectly by offering automation, control, and comprehensive network insights, from project initiation to readiness to provide services. In one customer example, service addresses are instantly made available for sale when a terminal is installed, and invoices are approved during the construction phase (see Figure 1 below). This allows for quick availability/sale of services to customers, which the IQGeo software makes possible by integrating with the customer’s address management system and service now systems like BOSS. Furthermore, vendors become more motivated to complete their assigned tickets, as the software enables partial invoices based on completed work. The IQGeo Project Manager and Construction Manager applications improve both processes and people to foster an environment that accelerates time to market.


Here are five critical advancements in the FTTX construction process that the IQGeo project and construction management software provides to achieve faster time to market. 


  1. Dynamic milestone tracking

    Planning is key for a successful fiber rollout, but tracking strategic milestone completion dates is a must to take appropriate actions and measures. The IQGeo software provides advanced milestone modeling and automation capabilities based on network design.

  2. Invoice tracking and control 

    The IQGeo software also enables easy tracking of invoices billed by vendors. Planned tasks can be configured manually or automatically read from a network design. This ensures invoices match current designs and helps the team avoid administrative and financial overheads.

  3. Automated material ordering

    Material ordering and tracking is another critical stage that can affect time to build/market. The IQGeo Construction Manager software is integrated with Network Manager to enable automatic listing of major materials and quantity from a design using Pull from BOM

  4. Asset management

    Asset management is an important post-construction activity essential for taxation purposes. Companies need to ensure assets are created/retired in time to realize tax benefits. IQGeo’s application provides asset management for both inside and outside plant assets.

  5. Buried Service Wire JOBS

    The last leg in providing service to customers is placing drops to service locations. The IQGeo Construction Manager software handles automatic BSW ticket creation, automatic assignment of tickets from existing contracts, and auto-closing of tickets once final invoice requests are approved in the system.


To delve deeper into these five crucial elements, which are supported by real-world customer experiences and visual examples, we encourage you to access our complimentary white paper. 


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