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How any electric utility can embrace network model management

With the utility industry rapidly changing to meet decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization and resiliency goals, it’s clear that utilities need to move away from traditional GIS and toward a network-centric approach to manage their grids. We created Network Manager Electric to give them access to exactly such a network model management solution. However, as we survey the electric landscape, we also realize that cooperatives, municipalities, and investor-owned utilities have unique resources, processes, requirements and goals. That’s why we’re introducing Insight, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Network Manager Electric. 


The future of managing the electric grid  

While GIS still serves important functions such as land-based mapping and geospatial analysis, the next generation of electric grids demand a solution that was built by utility experts to focus on the grid model and utility workflows. Modeling capabilities are crucial to understanding developments like behind-the-meter generation. With a solution that performs across the grid lifecycle, from design and construction to operations and outage management, the entire organization can interact with the model, view and share accurate data, and update as necessary. Mobility is a critical component as well, as it must be integrated into utility workflows across the lifecycle rather than added as disparate back-end applications that create siloes in grid data. And with the future uncertain (but certain to change), a true network model management solution enables electric utilities to rapidly adapt without investing millions of additional dollars and countless hours.


Why has Network Manager Electric changed?

Since Network Manager Electric delivers the most flexible modeling capabilities in the industry, a modern geospatial model, fully digitized workflows, and integrated mobility, we believe it’s the best choice for network model management. We do not, however, believe that one size fits all. One utility might face financial or resource constraints, while another might create ambitious clean energy goals, while yet another might prioritize compliance with new regulations.  

In the video below, Troy Lewis, Product Manager for Utilities at IQGeo, explains our approach: 



Who are the editions of Network Manager Electric designed for?

We created the new editions for any electric grid, of any size or budget, from cooperatives to municipalities to IOUs. James Wheatley, Head of Product Management for IQGeo, explains the methodology and intended utility profiles in more detail in the video below: 



With the introduction of editions of Network Manager Electric, we make it easy for any electric utility to embrace network model management. 



A cost-effective, packaged network model management solution 

Example profiles: Small municipal and cooperative utilities 



A configurable network model management solution  

Example profiles: Mid-size municipal and investor-owned utilities 



A customizable network model management solution  

Examples profiles: Large investor-owned and municipal utilities 


Unique capabilities for electric utilities 

Meeting the complexities of a modern grid will be challenging. With the new editions of Network Manager Electric, we ensure that every electric utility can access the right network model management solution to meet that challenge. 


Green-tick-circle-icon Use a single platform architected by utility experts 

Green-tick-circle-icon Flexibly model any network asset 

Green-tick-circle-icon Improve data accuracy, from the office to the field 

Green-tick-circle-icon Accelerate digital transformation to eliminate manual processes 

Green-tick-circle-icon Adapt to changing business needs and future requirements 


Explore the different editions of Network Manager Electric by visiting the overview page. 


Editions overview >>>



Topics: Geospatial software, Utilities, Digital transformation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Adrian McNulty, Vice President of Utility Solutions at IQGeo
Adrian McNulty, Vice President of Utility Solutions at IQGeo

Vice President of Utility Solutions, IQGeo

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