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What’s new at IQGeo - Product release roundup August 2021

A key priority of the IQGeo engineering and product management team is to listen to the challenges faced by our customers and constantly enhance our products to meet their changing requirements. Given our focus, I am always pleased to share with you our latest releases and updates driven by customer input. Since our last product roundup, it’s been another busy few months for our product development team.


It’s our corporate mission to deliver geospatial transformation to telecommunications and utilities to meet their operational and business goals and the last 18 months has tested everyone’s skills and resourcefulness. What we have seen from our customers is that now, more than ever, it is critical to have a single source of network truth for everyone across the enterprise. Field and office teams must have the accurate, timely information they need to improve operational collaboration and efficiency as we face new businesses and environmental realities.


Below is a summary of the latest product releases and updates that we believe will help our customers address the challenges they face in this changing landscape.


IQGeo Platform 6.2

The IQGeo Platform is the foundation for our award-winning, mobile-first software, transforming the ability of telecoms and utility network operators to design and manage complex and constantly evolving network assets.




Key updates for this release include improved security authentication, more advanced searching tools, and layer enhancements for 3rd party GIS support.

  • Support for authentication via SAML and OIDC identity providers that allow additional functionality for SSO and 2FA
  • An advanced search tool for users to construct complex queries to further filter standard search results
  • The Platform now renders Esri layers provided by ArcGIS FeatureServer services


Network Manager Fiber 2.0

IQGeo’s award-winning Network Manager is setting new speed and optimization industry benchmarks for fiber network inventory design and management. Network Manager is open, flexible, and optimized for the mobility and workflow requirements of complex telecom network operations.


Key updates for this release are enhanced tools to accelerate the design process and extend mobile functionality that further empowers field teams.

  • Schematic view provides a graphical representation of data that’s generated on-the-fly and updated automatically in real-time
  • Support for detailed modelling of network equipment at customer premises and hubs
  • View objects from other designs to avoid future and more costly conflicts


Workflow Manager 2.0

Workflow Manager controls telecom and utility construction and maintenance activities from end-to-end, keeping teams informed of project, trouble, and maintenance ticket status. It gives all stakeholders the geospatial context and current operational information needed to improve process productivity and enhance team collaboration.


Key updates for this release include a product redesign and refresh that makes Workflow Manager easier to use and quicker to configure task sequences.

  • Improved user interface that maintains all existing functionality
  • Redesigned and integrated with the IQGeo Platform for faster deployment
  • Full geospatial integration for map-based ticket management

IQGeo in the Cloud

Cloud hosting of critical system infrastructure is a desirable deployment option for many organizations. It provides the ability to scale IT resources up and down with demand, reduce capital and operational costs and support rigorous compliance, security, and resilience standards. While not all our customers are planning cloud deployments in the short-term, it’s critical that these cloud capabilities are present as part of the core system architecture so they can cost-effectively adopt a cloud strategy in the future.


OSPInsight now part of the IQGeo family

At the end of 2020, we announced the acquisition of OSPInsight. The OSPInsight fiber network design and documentation software for the telecoms market is highly complementary with IQGeo’s geospatial software that also supports telecoms network operations.OSPInsight-logo-Go-To-Webinar

Since this acquisition and through team collaboration, we have extended the functionality of the OSPInsight software with several exciting new capabilities.


  • Mobility – IQGeo’s award-winning mobile capability has been added to the OSPInsight platform to give existing and new customers the ability to capture field realities to improve network data quality.

  • Visualization Tool Add-on – This new Add-on provides a very intuitive visual interface that shows users the exact status of fiber cable connectivity, improving operational productivity.

  • Bill of Material Add-on – This new Add-on allows users to accurately estimate network material costs in real-time as they plan their networks.

What’s next on the IQGeo product roadmap?

With more major product releases to be announced soon, 2021 remains a busy and exciting time ahead for IQGeo, customers, and partners. Be sure to join us at the IQGeo Virtual Meetup in October, where we will share insights from telecom and utility industry leaders, IQGeo customers and partners, as well as IQGeo’s vision on the changing business landscape and our technology roadmaps to meet future challenges.



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