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Why one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fiber network management

No matter the size and scope of the fiber network, every operator wants to deploy software quickly and seamlessly scale up. Unfortunately, this is often made difficult and costly when vendors force fit the wrong software solution. IQGeo has eliminated this risk with the new Insight, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Network Manager Telecom. 

Fiber and broadband operators across the globe have enjoyed the benefits of Network Manager Telecom, the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive network management software to accelerate planning, design, construction, operations and time to revenue. Organizations can now begin with the edition that fits their current network management needs and seamlessly upgrade as their technical and business requirements change, protecting their long-term technology investment. 

Why has Network Manager Telecom changed?
As the fiber and broadband industry grows increasingly competitive and complex, we’ve seen that there are diverse organizations operating different networks with different business priorities across the ecosystem. They vary in the scope of their networks, the number of users, available IT resources, maturity of their processes, and budgets.

When it comes to network management software, one size does not fit all. 

In response to this reality, we created three editions of our industry-leading Network Manager Telecom software to enable operators of any size and budget to enjoy its award-winning benefits. Flexibility, usability, and investment protection are hallmarks of all IQGeo products, and this will continue to be our focus as customers choose the edition of Network Manager Telecom that’s right for them and plan a smooth growth path for the future.

Steve Tongish, Chief Marketing Officer for IQGeo, dives deeper in the video below:



Who are the editions of Network Manager Telecom designed for?

Our new editions are intended for any fiber operator, from smaller private fiber networks to some of the largest telecommunication operators in the world.

James Wheatley, Head of Product Management for IQGeo, explains our approach in this video:



We make it easy for network operators to choose the edition of Network Manager Telecom that meets their technical requirements and business resources.



A cost-effective, packaged fiber network management solution

Example profiles: Municipalities, educational and corporate campuses, transit authorities, utilities



A configurable fiber network management solution

Example profiles: Commercial broadband and fiber network operators, DOTs / Intelligent Transportation Systems



A customizable all-media network management solution

Example profiles: Broadband and cable network operators


Why choose Network Manager Telecom?

We have consistently heard from our customers that it’s a game-changing experience to manage their entire network lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations, from a single platform. The flexibility, scalability, and investment protection we deliver to network operators is achieved through the compelling capabilities of Network Manager Telecom:


  Support for the entire network lifecycle
With a fully integrated architecture, Network Manager Telecom connects end-to-end workflows and applications to streamline and optimize every network process.

  Industry-best workflows and templates
Our rapidly deployable solution and easy-to-use interface empower every team to execute work according to industry best practices – without data export or translation.

  Best-in-class mobility
Network Manager Telecom enables field teams to identify and document data in real time, online or offline, more powerfully and flexibly than other solutions, ensuring accurate, real-time data.

  Scalability for the future
As your network architecture, IT systems, and number of users and business objectives evolve, our scalable solution can model future network architectures, operational requirements, business insights, and data sources to continuously enhance your network management.


In the ever-changing fiber and broadband landscape, we’ve seen firsthand how organizations demand a network management solution that can easily evolve with their changing needs, and the new editions of Network Manager Telecom were specifically designed to provide the right sized solution, at the right time, for every network operator.


Explore the different editions of Network Manager Telecom by visiting the overview page.

Editions overview >>>



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