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What’s new at IQGeo - Product release roundup January 2024

As we continue to learn about the optimal ways for our telecom and utility customers to manage their networks, we innovate our product suite to best fit their needs. The past year certainly proved very successful, as we continued to deliver more detailed asset visibility, streamlined and accelerated workflows, and drove more efficient network management across the lifecycle. 

Telecommunication, fiber, and electric utility operators are “Building better networks” with IQGeo’s award-winning software solutions. The ability to powerfully model any network requirement, integrate every system and data source, and support field and office teams with continual innovation is helping operators create the networks of the future. Our solutions ensure greater cross-team collaboration and process efficiency throughout the network lifecycle, from planning and design to construction, operations, and sales. 

I’m excited to recap the many releases and updates to the IQGeo product suite over the past several months, which included the following. 


Network Manager Electric – editions release 

Network Manager Electric is IQGeo’s game-changing network model management software used globally by electric utilities to support their entire network lifecycle. To ensure these game-changing benefits are available to every grid operator regardless of size or budget, we now offer three editions of Network Manager Electric: Insight, Professional, and Enterprise.   

Insight: A cost-effective, packaged network model management solution Example profiles: Small municipal and cooperative utilities  

Professional: A configurable network model management solution Example profiles: Mid-size municipal and investor-owned utilities 

Enterprise: A customizable network model management solution Example profiles: Large investor-owned and municipal utilities 

IQGeo Network Manager Electric editions overview 

Network Manager Telecom 3.0  

The foundation for IQGeo’s Integrated Network, Network Manager Telecom is the industry’s most flexible fiber network management software to accelerate planning, design, construction, and operations. And with this release, we expanded to management for copper and coax networks with these enhancements: 

  • Coaxial and copper network support - Enables telecom organizations to replace their legacy system of record and simplify their system landscape.
  • Line of count support - This naming approach is now available for copper and fiber.
  • More network relationships - Users can quickly create and understand cable-to-equipment relationships. 

IQGeo Network Manager Telecom

Comsof Fiber 23.2 

By automating the fiber planning and design process, Comsof Fiber can reduce your end-to-end planning time by up to 90%. The new enhancements to this industry-leading software optimized design workflows in the following ways: 

  • Closer integration with Network Manager Telecom- Improved integration of auto-design data based on customer feedback. 
  • Support for directional drilling - We improved design quality by automatically accommodating specific horizontal directional drilling.
  • Alternative clustering algorithm - A new algorithm can group points in a different way based on which clusters are closest to each other. 

IQGeo automated fiber planning and design software 


Workflow Manager 2.2 and 3.0

Workflow Manager combines digital ticket automation with geospatial network intelligence to deliver faster, more accurate, and more flexible projects. With this release, we streamlined construction tasks and improved data through: 

  • Nested ticketing - Users can create sub-tickets that tie back to the project's primary tickets to better manage actionable tasks.
  • Construction management template - We reduced time to market for new construction with an out-of-the-box configured template.
  • Operational data sync - We improved the Anywhere sync performance for high transactional data such as outage tickets. 

IQGeo Workflow Manager

Network Revenue Optimizer 1.3 

Network Revenue Optimizer transforms FTTx near-net estimating, helping sales engineers rapidly deliver digital quotes, real-world routes and increased ROI. This release improved efficiency and usability via: 

  • Improved cost area usability - We reduced time and effort for sales engineers by adding costs of overlapping areas.
  • Daisy chaining to multiple tie points - Automatic routing to multiple tie points eliminates the need to split estimates.
  • UX improvements - Better recalculation handling, improved KML/KMZ exports, and faster management of disabled route options. 

IQGeo Network Revenue Optimizer


Network Manager Electric 2.2 and 2.3 

The foundation for adaptive grid management, Network Manager Electric enables utilities to easily realize value from network data and flexibly model any grid scenario. In addition to releasing our Network Manager Electric editions, we improved the product and helped electric utilities save time through: 

  • Digital field design staking - Users can quickly stake new lines and structures in the field.
  • Better construction reporting - includes auto-generated Point & Span labels and an enhanced BOM.
  • Enhanced modeling - Users can easily model tracing enhancements and loop handling, as well as parent-child equipment bank relationships.
  • Electric assemblies - Designers now have pre-defined structures with configurable equipment and connectivity.
  • Assignable design palettes - Configurable, unique palettes for individual scenarios to match any utility’s preferences.
  • Geometric-style offset geometries - Improved understanding of network connectivity and topology when interacting with the hierarchical model. 

IQGeo Network Manager Electric

Platform 7.1 

IQGeo Platform is a proven geospatial software platform that underpins all IQGeo’s products and provides the basis for network situational awareness, mobility, and enhanced collaboration for telecom and utility operators. With 7.1, we made the following enhancements: 

  • New usage menu - Shows who has been using the product with improved usage reporting.
  • Labeling enhancements - Provides further label configuration options.
  • On-going performance and security improvements

IQGeo Platform

What’s next on the IQGeo product roadmap? 

To learn more about these new capabilities and to discuss the benefits of an integrated approach, talk to our industry experts and see how you can take your utility grid and fiber, copper, and coax network management to a new level of efficiency.  


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