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What’s new at IQGeo - Product release roundup

We are over half-way through the year, and it has been a very busy few months for our product development team. At IQGeo we are listening to the needs of our customers and constantly enhancing our existing products and creating new products. With the rapid business and social changes we’ve seen in 2020, now more than ever before, it is critical to have a single source of network truth for everyone across your enterprise. Field and office teams must have the accurate, timely information they need to improve operational collaboration and efficiency as our businesses rapidly evolve.


It’s our mission to deliver the geospatial software solutions our telecommunications and utility customers need to meet their operational and business challenges. Below is a summary of the key product releases and updates so far this year that are addressing some of the challenges and evolving landscape for network operators across telecoms and utilities. 


IQGeo Platform 6.0



The IQGeo Platform is the foundation for our award-winning, mobile-first software solutions, transforming the ability of telecoms and utility network operators to design and manage their complex and constantly evolving network assets. 

Key updates for this release include: 

  • Migration from Leaflet to OpenLayers to provide support for map rotation 
  • Supporting libraries were upgraded including the replacement of Pylons with Pyramid
  • Plugin added to control touch styles on devices that support touch

The 6.0 release of our software also included a product name change from myWorld to the IQGeo Platform. This change reflects our focus on the IQGeo corporate brand that was launched at the beginning of 2019. You can read more details about the IQGeo Platform 6.0 release on our news page and product release center.



Network Manager Fiber 1.1


At the end of 2019 we announced the launch of Network Manager, a new product that extends the IQGeo Platform to design, maintain and edit telecoms networks. Our mobile-first scalable and flexible solution enables telecoms operators to reimagine their digital transformation strategy for network deployment and operations. Network Manager replaces complex, centralized, legacy GIS with a flexible, open approach that is simple to deploy and cost-effective to operate. 

Following the initial product release of Network Manager Fiber 1.0, the most recent release of 1.1 includes a focus on additional data model support and REST API. 

Visit the video library to see some of the new Network Manager feature videos.



Inspection & Survey 5.0


Inspection & Survey transforms inspection and survey operations by increasing field inspection productivity, eliminating regulatory penalties, increasing network reliability, and prolonging the life of valuable assets. The easy-to-use interface and highly efficient inspection workflow is rapidly adopted, helping to ensure that compliance obligations are met, safety is improved and profitability is protected.

Key updates for this release include: 

  • Map rotation
  • Surveyable item vector tile layer
  • Field login dialog enhancements

To see how you can transform your inspection and survey processes, our recent webinar is now available to view on on-demand. 



Capture 3.1


The IQGeo Platform enables telecoms and utility field crews to capture data easily and efficiently in the field with a mobile device.  In this latest release the updates include: 

  • Configurable, multi-palette support
  • Package manager
  • Usability improvements

Watch our capture demo videos to see how easy it is for field crews to capture data in the field with the new capture capabilities of the IQGeo Platform. 



Workflow Manager 1.0

IQGeo_Workflow_Manager_ 530x450

Workflow Manager helps control telecom and utility construction and maintenance activities from end-to-end, keeping teams informed of project, trouble, and maintenance ticket status. It gives all stakeholders the geospatial context and current operational information they need to improve process productivity and enhance team collaboration. 

In this initial product release key features include:

  • Custom ticket configuration
  • Ticket management
  • Task tracking and traceability

Watch the demo video to learn more about Workflow Manager. 



Network Revenue Optimizer 1.1


Empower your organization by automating your high volume of Request for Quotes (RFQs). Network Revenue Optimizer automatically produces costed estimates for telecom construction routes when connecting commercial or residential premises. Key updates for this release include: 

  • Estimate queue
  • Fixed cost control in estimates
  • Improved estimate processing performance

You can see an overview video of Network Revenue Optimizer on our product page. 



IQGeo Inside 2.0 


IQGeo Inside provides the capability to integrate an IQGeo Platform view directly within the GE Smallworld environment. Our geospatial mobile software seamlessly integrates with your Smallworld deployment, providing a complete data roundtrip strategy between your field and office operations. 

This is the initial release of IQGeo Inside 2.0 (formerly known as myWorld Inside) and provides new features and bug fixes. 



IQGeo GIS integrations 


The IQGeo Platform is highly interoperable, enabling data integration from virtually any application and geospatial data source.  These integrations support feature and tile sync processes using large initial bulk data loads, as well as smaller incremental data updates performed on a scheduled basis.

GIS integrations from the following companies are supported: Esri, GE, Synchronoss, Bentley, Autodesk, Hexagon/Intergraph, Google, 3-GIS, and others. 


Product release center

To access further details on our latest product updates, including release notes, visit the product release center


What’s next on our roadmap? 

With further product releases to be announced soon, 2020 and beyond remains a busy and exciting time ahead for IQGeo, customers, and partners.  The IQGeo team is working 100% remotely and can deliver our full suite of project and support resources. 


To learn more, join us at the IQGeo Virtual Meetup, where we will share insights from industry leaders, as well as IQGeo’s perspective on the changing business landscape and how our own technology is adapting to meet your new business and technical challenges.


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