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IQGeo Virtual Meetup 2021

The Virtual Meetup provided valuable insights from telecoms and utility industry leaders, as well as the hands-on experience of IQGeo customers. We also shared IQGeo’s own perspective on the changing business landscape and how our technology is evolving to meet the challenges we face.

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Keynote session

Industry spotlights, IQGeo vison and product line focus
Speakers from: Portland General Electric, Swish Fibre, and IQGeo

OSPInsight fiber operator session
Product roadmap and new applications
Speakers from: Tachus, Crown Castle, AOP, and Wave Broadband

IQGeo enterprise telecoms session
Product roadmap and customer use cases
Speakers from: ExteNet Systems and Cox Communications

IQGeo enterprise utility session
Product roadmap and customer use cases
Speakers from: NorthRiver Midstream, Counties Energy, LG&E and KU, and MDU

IQGeo Virtual Meetup

Reimagine the role of geospatial technology in your business

Accelerate time-to-market

Decrease operating costs

Enhance operational safety

Improve customer satisfaction