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myWorld Capture launched to accelerate infrastructure construction projects and operations

Ubisense* Group plc (AIM:UBI), a global leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, is today announcing the launch of a new product to accelerate construction projects for communications and utility businesses by eliminating delays in as-built updates from field staff and contractors. 


Developed in collaboration with major network infrastructure companies, myWorld Capture includes industry-leading, built-for-mobile field tools that leverage the GPS, camera and Google Street View capabilities of iOS, Android and Windows smart phones, tablets and laptops. Field workers can continue to be productive on their mobile devices while offline, with enterprise grade secure offline data synchronization that is proven to scale to thousands of users.   


An application for myWorld, Ubisense’s enterprise location intelligence platform, myWorld Capture enables field staff and contractors to deliver high quality, same day construction as-builts, red-lines, and data corrections from any mobile device. It gives operations teams access to up-to-date, high quality information enabling them to operate the network more safely and efficiently, reducing the as-built backlog, unnecessary truck rolls and re-work.


Key product features include:

  • Same-day as-builts: Immediate, high quality data updates from contractors and field staff to the rest of the organization in order to operate networks more safely and efficiently, plus accelerate construction project timelines.
  • Right first time data quality: Standards are built in to the field tool, making it easy for staff and contractors to collect high quality structured data at the source, speeding up data QA cycles and reducing data backlogs.
  • Simple contractor field tools: Standardizes quality and speed of data from contractors with easy-to-deploy mobile app that runs on any phone, tablet or laptop.  Designed for mobile to use GPS, camera and Google Street View to make collection easy.
  • GIS Connector:  Automates the feed of field updates and as-builts to data QA process, and then to GIS and other key systems.


myWorld transforms the ability of infrastructure companies to manage their geographically dispersed assets by enabling them to create a real-time digital twin of physical operations that can be securely shared by thousands of field and office staff, connecting seamlessly to other critical enterprise systems. More than 27,000 professionals from some of the largest cable, telco, electric and gas providers in the world use myWorld every day to accelerate their business.


Peter Batty, CTO of the Geospatial division at Ubisense, said: “We work closely with our customers to develop new applications that meet their specific challenges. myWorld Capture follows this same proven method and not only accelerates construction projects and delivers same day as-builts from contractors, but additionally accelerates time to market for cable and telecoms. There’s an exciting future ahead for Capture, with a complete transformation underway in how infrastructure information is gathered, enables by reality capture technology from the self-driving car industry.” 


myWorld is now the IQGeo Platform
The 6.0 release of our software included a product name change from myWorld to the IQGeo Platform. This change reflects our focus on the IQGeo corporate brand that was launched at the beginning of 2019. Our website and latest product user interface have made the transition from the old myWorld name to the new IQGeo Platform name. Learn more about the IQGeo Platform 6.0 release.


*IQGeo launched to accelerate global growth of geospatial software

On January, 3, 2019, we launched the new IQGeo corporate brand, following the completion of the sale of the Ubisense brand and RTLS SmartSpace division. 


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