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IQGeo disrupts legacy GIS at 2019 AGA Operations Conference

Cambridge, UK, 30 April 2019 - IQGeo, leading provider of geospatial productivity and collaboration software, is exhibiting at the 2019 AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition to showcase its geospatial solutions that accelerate digital transformation for utilities. At the event, IQGeo will be launching its next generation geospatial platform to the gas industry.

Legacy GIS make it a huge challenge for gas utilities to have an accurate and timely view of their field assets, costing them time, money and increasing safety risks. The cartography-centric approach of these systems is focused on creating physical maps using processes that generate massive field update bottlenecks. By contrast, IQGeo uses a reality-centric approach that enables mobile devices to capture network changes in the field when and where work happens, avoiding inefficient update bottlenecks while increasing productivity and collaboration.

Working with 45 infrastructure companies around the globe, including three of the top 10 North American utilities, IQGeo understands the challenges of delivering natural gas reliably and safely, providing high quality customer service and effectively managing assets. With simple-to-use gas network design and editing, IQGeo’s “mobile first” myWorld platform has been built for specifically for utility networks. The software operates online and offline making it easy for maintenance and construction crews using mobile devices to view, capture and update data in the field where changes are happening. It has a common extendable architecture so that all functionality, including customizations, work on any mobile device or in any web browser. The result is a dramatically more efficient reality-centric solution that finally provides gas utilities with an accurate view of their field assets.

As well as a range of product demonstrations taking place on the IQGeo booth, including its new next generation geospatial platform, IQGeo’s Sue Whiting will be presenting with customer Duke Energy ‘IMP and Leak Survey’ as part of the Field Operations Track on 2 May.

Peter Batty, CTO at IQGeo, said: “Gas utilities are challenged with delivering reliable and safe gas supplies to their customers, while providing high quality customer service and effectively managing assets. They struggle with very complex operational ecosystems involving a wide range of software applications for many different field construction and maintenance activities, and the cartography-centric approach of legacy GIS is failing to deliver the capabilities they need to do their job efficiently and safely. This is why we are so excited to be launching our reality-centric next generation geospatial platform to the gas industry at AGA.

“Unlike legacy GIS, our mobile first solutions provide utilities with a timely view of their network assets so they can make the decisions they need to keep their networks safe and operational. Our software has been designed specifically for enterprise environments with multiple geospatial and corporate business data sources, accommodating the complexities of maintaining and updating gas networks. The IQGeo reality-centric approach puts gas utilities in control of their network assets, which is fundamental to a successful digital transformation strategy.”

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